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<transcy>God created boys and girls (Dieu a créé des garçons et des filles )</transcy>

Marty Machowski
by Impact
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Available: September 1, 2021 

In an age where there is so much confusion  about gender and identity, God created boys and girls enables children to better understand that gender difference is a gift  from God, the one who created them and who loves them. The author explains, using Bible truths, how we are all created in God's image, as male or female.


"A well-written and educational book, built around a dialogue between children and their teacher, in order to better understand the difference between the sexes. At a time when gender theory is troubling the minds of many children and parents, this book sheds biblical and educational insight that will be very useful. »
- Franck Meyer, teacher and president of the Evangelical Protestant Committee for Human Dignity (CPDH)

“In these days children can easily get lost in all manner of issues clearly mentioned in the scriptures, especially if there is not a constant biblical foundation in home, Church and at school. Gender issues are at the top of the list of areas where children can easily pull away from Bible teaching. This beautiful book gives them a gentle teaching about the joy of cherishing one's biological gender identity as a gift from God and loving others as oneself. Here are words on a delicate subject which are timely. »
- Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“God Created Boys and Girls is a timely resource and a tool that will help parents teach their children about the wonderful gift of God of their biological gender identity. This book will also prepare children to face a world determined to deny the beauty of being created in the image of God, men and women, boys and girls. »
- Claire Smith, author, God's benevolent project for him and her

“When we witness the rapid turn our culture is taking from Bible principles, we may wonder how to raise these sensitive issues with our precious children. Marty Machowski provides a timely resource to guide you through this critical task. Delicately, her new book takes a look at what the Word of God teaches about divine purpose for both sexes. It provides parents with a springboard to initiate essential discussions with their children. »
- Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family


Original title : God Made Boys and Girls
Author : Marty Machowski
Publisher : Impact
Publication : September 2021
ISBN : 978-2-89082-465-2
Dimensions : 8.5 "x 8.5 "
Pages : 36 color pages
Format : hardcover, hard cover

Customer Reviews

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Maryse Barré
Un soutien pour les parents et moniteurs

Un livre qui sera une ressource pour les parents et moniteurs. Le sujet est bien présenté et appuyé par des versets bibliques tel que: Genèse 1,27 Dieu créa l'homme à son image, il le créa à l'image de Dieu, il créa l'homme et la femme.
Également on y présente le côté biologique, que nos cellules sont codées soient hommes soient femmes, un élément peu présent habituellement dans les livres qu'on retrouve en librairie, alors c'est un beau plus.

Une bonne lecture à faire avec des enfants.

Ce livre apprend aux enfants l’importance que l’homme et la femme sont différents et que c’est quelque chose de beau voulu par Dieu. Le livre en profite également pour parler de la rébellion de l’homme et ensuite parler de l’œuvre du Christ! Les illustrations sont également très bonnes. C’est excellent pour des enfants.