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<tc>Mass Destruction : Is God Guilty of Genocide? (Dieu est-il coupable de génocide ?)</tc>

Melvin Tinker
by CLÉ
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Can a God who orders massacres also ask  us to love our enemies? Who is this seemingly contradictory God?
Melvin Tinker addresses these difficult questions by placing the problematic passages in their historical context and in the overall perspective of the Bible. He doesn't try to dodge deeply serious moral issues like the murder of children. It helps us understand who God is, what his plan is and how he has carried it out over the centuries. It aims to show how the commands given in the Old Testament find their full meaning in the New Testament, where God's justice and love converge: at the cross of Christ who suffered God's wrath for us.
A disturbing book, sometimes shocking but so necessary. It reveals more about who God is and prepares us to respond to those who accuse God of genocide.
This book will help you :
Understand why God commanded Israel, his people, to eliminate other peoples.
Understand some of the Bible's tricky texts by placing them in their immediate historical context and in their broader biblical context.
Understand who God is and what these texts teach us about him.
Understand how these texts relate to us and lead us to the Cross of Christ.
Book strengths:
A hot topic addressed with courage, candor, and honesty.
A detailed study that doesn't fall into the trap of superficiality or convenience.
Anyone (believer or not) who wants to find answers to these difficult questions.
Anyone who wants to reconcile the Old and New Testaments.
Anyone who wants to understand the message that God wanted to reveal to us through his Word, the Bible.
Melvin Tinker has served in pastoral ministry at St John Newland Church in Hull, England. He has written numerous books in defense of the faith. He joined his maker in 2021.
Melvin Tinker excels, tackling hot-button topics in a biblically faithful manner with clarity and candor.
- D.A. Carson, professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Believers and non-believers alike today generally have a major moral problem with the Old Testament texts in which God commands the Israelites to kill the people around them. Melvin Tinker tackles these difficult texts head-on, showing that they should not be treated in isolation from the whole biblical narrative and the person of God.
- Dr. Peter Williams, Director of Tyndale House and Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University, author of Are the Gospels Reliable?
Table of Contents
1. God in the dock
2. Setting the stage
3. Link between character and orders given
4. Anger versus love
5. Right orders?
6. A holy war?
7. And the children?
8. The Broader Perspective of the New Testament
9. Present wickedness and future judgment
10. The Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible (and the Cross)
Original title: Mass Destruction: Is God Guilty of Genocide?
Author: Melvin Tinker
Publisher: Clé
Publication date : June 2022
ISBN: 978-2-35843-145-3
Pages : 132
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : Paperback

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