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Nous sommes fermés du 16 juin au 4 juillet. Les commandes passées entre le 16 juin et le 4 juillet seront expédiées à partir du 5 juillet.

God and the transgender debate (Dieu et le débat transgenre) 

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Transgender, fluid gender, non-binary, what reality is behind these words? What does the Bible say? How can the gospel herald good news for someone with gender dysphoria?

Andrew Walker writes in a sympathetic and warm tone. With fidelity and wisdom, he encourages the Church to understand the biblical teaching on gender identity. An essential resource for approaching with tact and love one of the most sensitive subjects of our time.


+ A truly compassionate and completely biblical treatise from a Christian point of view.
+ Particularly recommended for Christians themselves who are struggling with this problem.
+ A reference on the subject, true to the scriptures and the evangelical faith, but written with immense compassion for those affected by gender dysphoria.
+ Well-written and insightful book on a sensitive subject.
+ Clear and useful statement of an evangelical vision written with understanding and empathy.


Andrew Walker is director of political studies for the Commission for Ethics and Religious Freedom, and writes regularly on ethics, public policy and the social witness of the Church. He lives with his family in Franklin, Tennessee. You can follow him on twitter: @andrewtwalk.


This well-researched, well-written book shows a lot of sensitivity. If we have any questions on this subject, now at the center of much debate, it is a very good reference book, clear and biblical.
- Paul Wells, Professor Emeritus, Faculty Jean Calvin (Aix -in-Provence)

Questions of sexual identity and gender dysphoria are particularly difficult, but the Western Church simply cannot hide them any longer. In his book, Andrew Walker suggests many avenues to face this “transgender revolution” with grace and truth.
- Guillaume Bourin, pastor and blogger on

Andrew Walker is venturing to take us forward on a delicate subject that we would be reluctant to discuss. However, the Church must be able to accompany all people for their restoration. In this excellent work, Walker personalizes a debate that cannot do without compassion or an ethics based on the Bible.
- Yannick Imbert, Dean and professor of apologetics at the Faculté Jean Calvin, President of Kerygma


This book speaks the language of the gospel. He has the clarity and the compassion. It will empower you to share the good news of Jesus with those who are struggling with gender identity issues. An intelligent, wise, convincing and concrete book.
- Russell Moore, chairman of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Freedoms Commission (United States)

Dealing with such a subject can only be done with compassion and clarity. Andrew Walker did. This book is an extremely useful introduction to a complex, controversial and often painful subject.
- Andrew Wilson, Teaching Pastor, King's Church London

I was waiting for a book that could analyze gender dysphoria with clarity and love, and with a gospel-centered approach. I finally found it. It will greatly help the body of Christ to be a light in today's cultural context.
- Jackie Hill Perry, artist, author of A Homosexual Discovers the goodness of God

The question of gender is one of the great challenges that my generation will face. To defend the biblical view on this subject is increasingly costly, and to do so with grace and compassion is a challenge for sinful human beings that we are. This book gives us the means to do so, with the Bible in one hand, and the other hand extended to our neighbor in order to understand him and present the Gospel to him.
- Benjamin Eggen, co-founder of La Rebellution , author of A life of challenges and blogger on

The questioning of traditional norms is reaching new heights today with the challenge of the criteria of an individual's identity. Now, there is nothing more fundamental than the uniqueness of it as the bearer of the image of God. Today, we even go so far as to challenge the identity of our gender, male or female, established at the time of creation, at the dawn of world history. This work is remarkable for its way of approaching the great question of our sexual identity by relying on two non-negotiable themes: biblical orthodoxy and pastoral concern. Even though the context of this book is American, the arguments presented seem to me to apply to the Francophonie as well. I therefore recommend reading it with enthusiasm.
- William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics Westminster Theological Seminary, (United States)

It is with great courage and compassion that Andrew Walker addresses this sensitive subject. The issue of gender identity is approached with grace and truth, without judgment or compromise. A must-read book to better understand and love better!
- Tony Tornatore, Senior Pastor of Ekklesia d'Amiens Church President of DNJ France (Dynamique Nationale de Jeunesse)

Table of contents

Preface by Sam Allberry
1. He was full of compassion
2. How did we get there?
3. The vocabulary
4. What motivates our decisions
5. Perfect design
6. Fine, but damaged
7. A better future
8. Love your neighbor
9. The road is not easy
10. The challenge of the Church
11. Tell the children about it
12. Thorny questions
13. Open hands


Original title : God and the transgender debate
Author : Andrew Walker
Publisher: BLF Éditions
Publication : May 2021
ISBN : 978-2-36249-596-0
Pages : 198
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 238 g

Customer Reviews

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Richard Bathol
Excellent ouvrage pour un temps particulier

Dieu sait susciter des hommes et/ou des femmes en son temps pour son service. Merci à notre Créateur de penser à nous à travers cet ouvrage très bien écrit. Il est clair, concis, facile à lire et surtout captivant. Que Dieu daigne continuer de répandre ses multiples grâces et bénédictions sur son serviteur Andrew Walker et sa famille pour cette oeuvre tant utile à la communauté évangélique, nos jeunes en particulier!
Toute la gloire est à notre Dieu!