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<transcy> Making sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical (Dieu, le débat essentiel) </transcy>

Timothy Keller
by CLÉ
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Does Christian Faith Make Sense?
  • Reason has conquered your belief in God?

  • In the Christian tradition, you no longer go to church?

  • Disappointed by religion, you have rejected God?

  • Have science and skepticism replaced your need for God?

You try to answer the big questions of life:

  • Where can I find authentic fulfillment?

  • Can I hope for real justice?

  • How to explain this feeling of deep dissatisfaction?

It is time to look again at the question of God. We live in an age which values ​​rationality, progress and the right for everyone to determine the meaning of life, and its goals. Does the notion of God or a higher power make sense? Does faith or religion have any value to offer?

, pastor and author, invites the reader to think deeply. It offers a thoughtful philosophical journey through which skeptics, and anyone interested in the Christian faith, get a sense of the validity and value of the existence of God.

God, the essential debate highlights the deep value and importance of Christianity. What if the latter provided us with unparalleled resources to answer questions related to fulfillment, personal freedom, identity, justice and hope?

This book will help you:

  • reflect on the fundamental questions of life.

  • benefit from the thoughts and experience of a senior author on the subject.

  • develop and root your convictions whatever they are.

Highlights of the book:

  • Best-selling author.

  • Timeless subjects (meaning of life, happiness, identity, justice, hope, love, death, moral value ...).

  • In the vein of the bestseller, Reason is for God.


  • Skeptics, atheists, agnostics.

  • Believers of all faiths.

  • Anyone who wants to think about fundamental questions in life.

Table of contents


Part 1: Why do we still need to believe?

Chapter 1: Isn't religion disappearing?
Chapter 2: Isn't religion based on faith and materialism on evidence?

Second part: Faith is more than what we believe

Chapter 3: A meaning that suffering cannot take away from us
Chapter 4: Satisfaction that is not based on circumstances
Chapter 5: Why am I not free to live as I see fit as long as am I not hurting anyone?
Chapter 6: The self problem
Chapter 7: An identity that does not overwhelm and that does not exclude others
Chapter 8: An unfailing hope
Chapter 9: The problem of morals
Chapter 10: A justice that does not create new oppressors

Part Three: Christianity Makes Sense

Chapter 11: Is It Reasonable to Believe in God?
Chapter 12: Is it reasonable to embrace Christianity?

Epilogue: Only in God
About the author


Original title : Making sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical
Author : Timothy Keller
Publisher : Key Editions
Publication : April 2019
ISBN : 978-2-35843-130-9
Pages : 460
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Weight : 532 g
Format : paperback

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