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<transcy> He is There and He is not Silent (Dieu ni silencieux ni lointain : une philosophie chrétienne) </transcy>

Francis Schaeffer
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God is present and he does not remain silent. This philosophical necessity in the fields of metaphysics, morals and epistemology will be the subject of this book.

In fact, philosophy has a universal scope. Every man is a philosopher, insofar as he cannot live in a vision of the world.

Christians tend to despise philosophy. This attitude was one of the problems of evangelical Christianity.

To those of us who study philosophy in college and are taken seriously, or who try to preach the gospel to people already settled into a worldview, it will be extremely valuable to realize a thing: in the end, there are very few answers to questions about being (about existence), about morality and about knowledge.

But God, both infinite and personal, exists and he does not remain silent; it changes the whole world.

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Table of contents

Metaphysical necessity
Moral necessity
Epistemological necessity: its problematic
Epistemological necessity: the answer

Appendix I
Revelation in the form of propositions nonsense?

Appendix II: "faith" against faith

Original title : He is There and He is not Silent
Author : Francis Schaeffer
: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924110-71-3
Number of pages : 135
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