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<transcy>God ... and my money (Dieu... et mes sous) </transcy>

André Adoul
by Impact
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By addressing the theme of Christians and money, André Adoul is doing us a great service: the works dealing with this "taboo" question are very rare! As the author writes in his foreword, this book is intended to be practical , to bring the reader to reflect and meditate in front of the importance, the spirit and the implications of a liberality according to the Lord.

André Adoul quotes from many facts , in order to make the presentation more attractive and its reading easier. What experiences has he not had during more than 30 years of itinerant ministry! He was able to verify that most Christians do not seem to have a very precise notion of liberality.

His merit is again to bring us back to the Scriptures . All of the author's development is indeed inspired by the Bible and the reader will appreciate to discover through numerous references, the teaching of God with regard to money. Finally, each of the 27 short chapters ends with a few questions essential to extend the reading by a personal question.


Author : André Adoul
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 987-2-89082-064-7
Publication : 2003
Pages : 148
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 240 g

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