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Disciple: Getting Your Identity from Jesus (Disciple - Une identité fondée sur Jésus (eBook) 

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This book is about research. It is about how God pursues his people and how they in turn seek them, as well as how he uses us to pursue others.

God pursued us when Jesus came to this fallen world as an agent of redemption by asking us to follow him and become his disciples. However, what did Jesus actually mean by disciple? What is our mission as disciples? Pastor Bill Clem masterfully answered these questions by explaining the intentions of Jesus when he called those who followed him his “disciples” and when he later said to make disciples. This practical guide combines passages from the scriptures with real life examples to illustrate the essential elements of Christian discipleship.

Whether you have been following Jesus for a short time or for many years, Disciple will help you understand that Jesus invites his people to freedom rather than simply obeying rules, and this, by providing you with a relational framework rather than behavioral instructions for your pursuit of God.

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“Hear the wise words of an experienced pastor who knows that being a follower of Jesus goes far beyond learning the Bible and gaining theological knowledge. Find out how grace integrates your short story into the larger story of redemption and transforms your heart in the process. »
- Paul David Tripp, President, Paul Tripp Ministries; Author of the book Instruments in the hands of the Redeemer

"Bill Clem turned all my preconceptions about discipleship upside down, but in doing so he brilliantly painted a beautiful picture of what a disciple is and what discipleship looks like. Anyone who is determined to make gospel-centered disciples should read this book. »
- Carlos Montoya, Senior Pastor, Blaze Christian Fellowship, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Bill Clem uses his exceptional storytelling skills, his theological perspectives, and his personal journey to tackle discipleship head-on. Reading this book was like drinking coffee with one of today’s most influential thinkers and ministry leaders. »
- David Livermore, President, Cultural Intelligence Center; Author of the book Serving with Eyes Wide Open

"Discipleship is a book that speaks powerfully to us because its main purpose is not to make disciples, although it deals with many of these aspects. Rather, this book focuses on the qualities and character of a follower of Jesus Christ. The more we understand who we are in Jesus, the more we will reflect the image of God to those around us. Disciple takes the reader on a long road which leads him to base his identity on Christ. I believe many readers will benefit greatly from his teaching. »
- Daniel Henderson, Director of Development; Quebec Evangelical Baptist Seminary, Montreal, Quebec

Table of contents

Foreword by Mark Driscoll
1 The story of God
2 The hero of the story
3 The bearer of the image of God
4 Distortions of identity
5 Worship
6 Distortions of Worship
7 Community
8 Distortions of Community
9 Mission
10 Distortions of Mission
11 The plan
12 The multiplication


Original title: Disciple: Getting Your Identity from Jesus
: Bill Clem
Publisher: Cruciforme
Pages : 248
ISBN : 978-2-925131-20-5
Format : eBook

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