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<transcy>Giving God's way (Donner selon Dieu) </transcy>

John MacArthur
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Does God really need our money? Have its requirements changed since the Old Testament? How and how much should you give? How to choose among all the requests? What traps to avoid?

John MacArthur discusses the relevance of the biblical answers regarding the management of our finances.

An indispensable book for anyone looking for a clear, well-established and balanced teaching on the subject.


Pastor, lecturer and author of more than 150 books, his teaching of the Word of God is meticulous. John and his wife, Patricia, have four children and fourteen grandchildren.

Table of contents
  • Preface: A heart that gives
  1. Conviction or coercion?
  2. The money is mine
  3. Will a man deceive God?
  4. Each ... according to their prosperity
  • Conclusion

Original title : Giving God's way
Author : John MacArthur
Publisher : BLF Éditions
ISBN : 978-2-910246-82-2
Publication : 2010
Pages : 124
Dimensions : 11 x 16.5 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 100 g

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