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<transcy>Essays on Calvinism (Essais sur le calvinisme) </transcy>

Abraham Kuyper
by Kerygma
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In this book which has become significant for generations of Christians, Abraham Kuyper develops a theology of public service and cultural commitment motivated by the goodness of God towards his creation, and by a humanity shared with our contemporaries. His deep conviction is that all human life was created by God to give him glory. His commitments and various activities were anchored in his assertion that the Christian faith transformed all human life and that the sovereignty of Christ extended over all human activities. In this great vision, the Christian life unfolds in all things by drawing on the roots of faith. This series of lectures is precisely an example of this global vision of faith and life. They were given at the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1898. In these six lectures, Kuyper discusses Calvinism and how it addresses subjects as diverse as politics, science, and art. This holistic view of Christian life continues to inspire generations of Christians in their calling to be witnesses of Christ in all areas of human life.


Abraham Kuyper is a major figure in the history of the Netherlands, and even more in Calvinist theology of which he remains one of the greatest figures of the last two centuries. He was a prolific theologian, a deep thinker with encyclopedic knowledge. He contributed regularly to several dailies, wrote several thousand articles, as well as several dozen books. His work was not limited to theological writing, as he founded both a university and a political party of which he was one of the main leaders. This led him to become prime minister of the Netherlands from 1901 to 1905.

Table of contents
  • Preface
    • Brief biographical remarks
    • The text of Essays on Calvinism
    • The Lordship of Christ over the entire life
    • The antithesis and common grace
    • Conclusion
  • First conference. Calvinism, a system of life
  • Second conference. Calvinism and religion
  • Third conference. Calvinism and politics
  • Fourth conference. Calvinism and science
  • Fifth conference. Calvinism and art
  • Sixth conference. Calvinism and the future
  • Indicative bibliography
    • Publication of "Stone Lectures"
    • Other works by Kuyper
    • Indicative bibliography on Kuyper

Author : Abraham Kuyper
Publisher : Éditions Kerygma
Publication : November 2020
ISBN : 9782919108084
Pages : 204
Weight : 312 g
Dimensions : 16 x 22 cm
Format : paperback

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