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<tc>What's Next? (Et après ?)</tc>

Henry Bryant
by CLÉ
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We are born, we live, we die and then?
Nothing is more certain! One day, perhaps sooner than I think, I will die. Then the inevitable question arises: what's next?
As far as the physical body is concerned, we all know what awaits it. But other more important questions persist... Is death the end of everything or a passage? And if it is a passage, towards what? Reincarnation, resurrection, purgatory, hell, heaven? For a great number of people for centuries, one book, the Bible, has been the authority on the subject. But it is still necessary to know what it says, because its message has been blurred and confused by superstitions and religious traditions. This little book, a brief statement of the only statements of the Bible concerning the afterlife, tells us what we will know when we die.
Why read this book
To understand what the Bible says (and does not say!) about death.
To benefit from the advice of an experienced author.
Anyone who wants to understand the Bible's promises about death and life.
Anyone who is ill and has questions about the outcome of their illness and the biblical hope.
The family of the sick.
Those who have a ministry of visiting/accompanying the sick.
Table of Contents
Beyond Death
Eternal Life
What Destiny for Me?
An invitation
Author: Henry Bryant
Publisher: Clé
Publication date: December 2021
ISBN : 978-2-35843-151-4
Pages : 76
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : Paperback
Weight : 100 g
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