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<transcy>What if God arrived.. (Et si Dieu débarquait) </transcy>

Saotra Rajaobelina
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Ah! The student years… The beautiful age. The age of freedom! Well ... You're still looking for her, aren't you? I even bet you ask yourself a million questions. Here, a few at random: can we really be free? Do I have my place even if I am not at the top? Should we be worried about the future? And the party without hangover, does it exist? What to do in the face of loneliness and injustice?

Jesus understands the uncertainties of your life. He wants to meet you, and he has plenty to tell you. So, are you ready to meet him?

The author confronts the aspirations of Generation Y with the Jesus of the Bible: far from clichés of the genre, he shows that his message is more relevant than ever!

Saotra Rajaobelina was born in Madagascar and her first name is pronounced "Seutch"! He travels throughout France and abroad to talk about his faith to those like him who are students.


Author : Saotra Rajaobelina
Publisher : BLF EDITIONS
Released : 11/13/2014
Pages : 80
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 130 x 210 mm
Weight : 0.103 kg
ISBN : 978-2-36249-227-3

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