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<transcy>Don't Waste Your Life (Et si je ne gâchais pas ma vie...)</transcy>

John Piper
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Coming to the end of his life and realizing he's wasted it, who wants it? Probably no one, but we still have to define what a wasted life is and how to escape it! Himself puzzled by this question during his studies, John Piper developed a vision of life that led him to refer to himself as a "Christian hedonist". Whatever your age, discover his perspective on life, a life where the words passion, joy, cross and glory of God are intertwined, so that you will not have any regrets to feed when it is too late!


John Piper Holder of a bachelor's degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a doctorate from the University of Munich , then pastor for many years at Bethlehem Baptist Church from Minneapolis, John Piper is notably the author of And if I did not spoil my life e and Jesus, take pleasure to find out .


Original title : Don't Waste Your Life
Author : John Piper
Publisher : La Maison of the Bible
Pages : 296
Publication : March 2017
Dimension : 13 x 20 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 283 g
ISBN : 978-2-8260-3573-2

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