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Being leaders (eBook) (Être leaders (eBook)) 

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What are the defining characteristics of the Christian leader?

Far too many churches and para-ecclesiastical organizations operate blindly, relying on principles and strategies from the secular world. Spurred on by his concern to counter this trend, leadership expert Aubrey Malphurs first articulates a working definition of Christian leadership, supported by the scriptures and examples from his in-depth studies of the subject. It then offers you a personal challenge of determining and developing leadership in your ministry.

The author goes on to describe unequivocally the hallmarks of the Christian leader: his commitment to Christ, his compassion, his credibility, his attitude as a servant and the followers who follow him. Each chapter ends with a list of questions for reflection and discussion. Finally, the appendices present several questionnaires designed to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership as well as its style, the ideal context for exercising your ministry and much more.

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Table of contents

1. A Christian Leader: The Essence of the Leader
2. A servant leader: The heart of the leader
3. A credible leader: The reliability of the leader
4. A Capable Leader: The Leader Tools
5. An Influential Leader: The Leader Impact
6. A Continued Leader: The Leader's Disciples
7. A leader in situation: The context of the leader
8. A visionary leader: The leader's task


Original title : Being Leaders: the nature of authentic Christian Leadership
Author : Aubrey Malphurs
Publisher : Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924110-19-5
Publication : 2013
Pages : 276
Format : eBook

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Customer Reviews

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Un livre utile

Ce livre contient quelques bons passages. Il décrit ce que c’est un leader et les différents types de leader. Il parle également de comment exercer notre leadership dans l’Église et dans le ministère. Il donne quelques conseils pratiques. Il contient également des questionnaires à la fin du livre pour évaluer à quel point nous avons des qualités de leader.