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<transcy>finally free (Être libre : c'est possible !) </transcy>

Heath Lambert
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Pornography is one of the worst scourges of our time. It destroys human relationships and above all our relationship with God. Perhaps you are struggling with this evil. Or against another addiction. Or you help a loved one to fight. Either way, persevere: Jesus Christ has the power to free the captives.

In powerful language, the author approaches this theme from a biblical and practical perspective: he offers eight effective and gospel-centered strategies. The grace of Jesus alone can free you from all sin, from all addictive behavior! As Jesus said to the apostle Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is fulfilled in weakness. »An invitation to accept divine grace and walk towards a life of holiness.

Don't give up, never give up. Make this grace the basis of your fight to emerge victorious!

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Table of contents
Introduction: The Purpose of This Book
Chapter One
1. Grace as the basis of the fight against pornography
2. Fighting Pornography With Sadness
3. Combating Pornography Through Accountability
4. Combating Pornography With Drastic Measures
5. Fighting Pornography Through Confession
6. Fighting pornography thanks to your spouse (or your celibacy)
7. Combating Pornography With Humility
8. Fighting Pornography With Gratitude
9. Combating Pornography Through a Living Relationship with Jesus
Conclusion: A Call to Holiness and Hope
Advice for Family and Friends
Author : Lambert, Heath
Original title : Finally free: fighting for purity with the power of grace
Publisher : BLF Éditions
ISBN : 978-2-36249-316-4
Pages : 195
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Weight : 234 g
Publication : March 2016
Format : paperback
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