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Exodus for You (Exode pour toi)

Préface de Matthieu Giralt

Tim Chester
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The book of Exodus is in a way the identity card of the people of God. A book that summarizes the entire gospel for thousands of years before the coming of Jesus. Exodus for You is a wonderful public Bible commentary on the book of Exodus. This book is for you:
If you want to marvel more and more at the riches of the Bible.
If you want to apply the Bible to your daily life by understanding it more and more.
If you want to equip yourself to better teach and explain the Bible when you share it with others.
Whatever your age, whatever your level of biblical knowledge, whether you are a young Christian or a confirmed believer, this is Exodus for you!
Preface by Pastor Matthieu Giralt.
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Tim Chester is an author, teacher, trainer and church planter. He is the author of numerous books including Gospel-Centered Marriage and Gospel-Centered Parenting. Tim is married to Helen and they have two daughters.
Exodus is distinguished by a story whose echoes permeate all of Scripture. Chester brings out these connections that allow us to taste more deeply the majesty of Christ and the power of his salvation. An accessible and enlightening commentary leading us to better worship the one who delivered and led his people out of slavery.
- Florent Varak, pastor, teacher at the Institut Biblique de Genève and blogger on
I am delighted with the publication of this commentary which brings out the essentials of the book of Exodus: it summarizes the content of each text well, puts it in relation to the whole book and the Bible, underlines the main themes and proposes relevant applications. Very edifying!
- Dominique Angers, dean and professor of the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Montreal, author of the commentary Speak to me now through Ephesians.
"Were not our hearts burning within us as he spoke to us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?" This feeling of the Emmaus companions was mine as I read Tim Chester's Exodus book.
- Ludvine, proofreader
This is truly a rich commentary accessible to all. Buy two copies of this book right now: one for you, one to give away. You will want to share this treasure as soon as you start reading it!
- Laura Nelson, evangelist and teacher among women Église des Ternes Paris 17e
A commentary that takes us to a higher level without neglecting the depth. The author helps us to see Exodus in the "big picture" of the Gospel with a vision of the sovereign God, while zooming in on questions we ask ourselves as we read.
- Nathan Lambert, an elder at Fireplace Church and author of the book God is...
Table of Contents
Presentation of the collection
Preface to Exodus
Chapter 1 - Exodus 1 and 2 A People and a Land
Chapter 2 - Exodus 3 and 4 The importance of a name
Chapter 3 - Exodus 5 and 6 When the situation gets worse instead of better
Chapter 4 - Exodus 7 to 11 God against Pharaoh
Chapter 5 - Exodus 12 and 13 Freed to serve
Chapter 6 - Exodus 14.1 to 15.21 Passing to the East Bank
Chapter 7 - Exodus 15.22 to 17.7 Forgiveness or recognition?
Chapter 8 - Exodus 17.8 to 19.6 A father-in-law, a mission and wisdom
Chapter 9 - Exodus 19:7-26 and 20:18-26 Meeting on the mountain of God
Chapter 10 - Exodus 20 to 24 The Law of God and Life in Christ
Chapter 11 - Exodus 25 to 27 Finding the Way Home
Chapter 12 - Exodus 28 to 30 The Priest's Wardrobe
Chapter 13 - Exodus 32 The golden calf and the God of mercy
Chapter 14 - Exodus 33 and 34 Show me your glory
Chapter 15 - Exodus 31 and 35 to 40 A foretaste of the glory of God
Appendix: Map of Exodus
Original title: Exodus for You
Publisher: BLF Editions
Author : Tim Chester
Release date : May 2022
ISBN : 9782362496905
Pages : 335
Dimensions : 14x21 cm
Format : Paperback
Weight : 378 g

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Recension du livre. « EXODE POUR TOI » de Tim CHESTER.

À travers ce livre, Tim CHESTER nous invite à redécouvrir le livre de l’EXODE, comme s'il nous amenait en voyage organisé sur les traces du peuple de Dieu. De l’esclavage en Égypte, jusqu’à la liberté glorieuse, l’auteur nous guide de façon si simple et enrichissante que nous nous laissons porter au gré du long pèlerinage des hébreux. Entre survols bibliques et arrêts sur quelques pépites savoureuses, nous ne nous lassons pas de cheminer. Tim Chester a su décrire le panorama de ce livre biblique qu'est l'EXODE et s'attarder sur des détails remarquables pour nous émerveiller, et nous faire découvrir des trésors de grâce. Ce voyage relatant un passé lointain, nourrit notre foi, tout en nous octroyant, paix et délice pour notre actualité.
Pasteur Xavier LAVIE