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Mark Dever
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In this short guide, Mark Dever explains how discipleship should work in the local church. Drawing on scriptures and examples from everyday life, the author encourages us to become disciples who make other disciples and to cultivate spiritual growth in our congregations.

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MARK DEVER (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is the Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., and the Chairman of the 9Marks Ministry. He is also the author of several books, including the bestseller The Church: A Health Check .


“Jesus calls his disciples to make disciples. We all know we have to. But we don't know how to do it. If you are an ordinary Christian or an ordinary pastor who simply longs to help others follow Jesus, this excellent little book by Mark Dever has been written for you. "
- GAÉTAN BRASSARD, Senior Pastor of Le Portail Church

“In this little book, Mark Dever gives us a powerful plea for a Christian life continually oriented towards others: the brother or sister called to grow in his faith, like the neighbor or colleague who needs to meet Jesus Christ . A rich, concrete and stimulating reading for all Christians, but which will particularly appeal to pastors and Church leaders. "
- MATTHIEU SANDERS, pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Paris-Center, author of the book Introduction to biblical hermeneutics

“Careful reading of this little book will have a great impact on your personal life and on the life of your Church. In a healthy way, Dever wishes to place discipleship back at the heart of the Church and her community life. His desire is to equip the members of our churches to intentionally contribute to the building up of their brothers and sisters in Christ. For my part, I intend to reread this book several times and invite our church council to do the same. "
- TREVOR HARRIS, pastor of the International Evangelical Church (IBC) of Jurbise, Belgium; co-responsible for the association Preaches the Word; professor at the Biblical Institute of Geneva

"Mark Dever has a knack for taking the scriptures and applying them in a simple and practical way. This book is an encouragement for all believers to take up this responsibility of passing the torch of faith to others, not only so that they can do the same in turn, but also to equip them so that they can put their faith into practice and achieve spiritual maturity that will reflect the name of Christ in this world! »
- MICHAËL CARON, pastor, Evangelical Baptist Church of Shawinigan-Sud; partner of the 9Marks ministry for the Francophonie

“If you want to take your spiritual life and leadership to the next level, take the time to read this book. It is not only biblical, but also concrete and easy to read. It differs from other books by its emphasis on the local church and its role in discipleship. Read it and share it with those around you. »
- RONNIE FLOYD, President, Southern Baptist Convention; Senior Pastor, Cross Church, Springdale, Arkansas

“Mark Dever is known to be a faithful and exegetical preacher of the Word of God. But what you might not know is that Mark is intentionally discipling. Whether eating lunch with lay leaders discussing practical applications of the Sunday message or chatting with young interns about the Church's program, Mark always acts as he would like others to act. I believe that his legacy is not confined to the pages of this book, but that it resides in the hearts of the men in whom he has personally invested himself. Don't just read this book. Apply the Bible principles it sets out in your own life. »
- ROBBY GALLATY, Senior Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee

"I really enjoy reading books whose authors are zealous for the subjects they cover. It often happens that I want to emulate their example before I even get to the last page of the book. If you know Mark Dever, you know he is a committed disciple maker. The life of a disciple is a vocation for him. These pages tell what motivates him, how he trains disciples, and how he inspires the members of his Church to do the same. Prepare for a life-changing experience as you read this book! »
- CONRAD MWEBE, pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

“This book persuades, exhorts, and instructs Christ's followers about the call to lead a life of discipleship. It also offers an encouraging glimpse into what happens in the life of a pastor and his congregation when this call is answered. Mark Dever brings us back to the scriptures and roots us in the Church. He emphasizes church leaders, but urges us all to be mindful. It may seem obvious, but we must remember that the discipleship process is the clear and joyful call of every believer. "
- KATHLEEN B. NIELSON, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

“Using simple yet profound ideas, Mark Dever takes Jesus' final command to make disciples and teaches us what it means for us and our churches. By answering our questions about discipleship, the why, the what, the where, and the how, Pastor Mark trains us to follow Christ by helping others follow Him, know the truth, and live it to the full. Every follower of Christ should read this book! This is the best book I have read on discipleship training. »
- JANI ORTLUND, Vice-President, Renewal Ministries; author of Fearlessly Feminine and His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy

“Here is a book designed to strengthen churches and share concrete advice on the inner workings of discipleship. It reflects Mark Dever's love for Jesus and his people. His firm position on discipleship within the context and limitations of the local church is Dever’s “vintage” ecclesiology. He keeps a close eye on pastors and speaks to them of their role with kindness and clarity. Dever challenged me personally as he prioritizes discipleship despite all of his other responsibilities. If Mark does it, I can do it! "
- GRANT J. RETIEF, Church Leader, Christ Church, Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa

"Mark Dever reminds the reader that making disciples is a biblical mandate motivated by obedience to Christ's command and love for others. He recalls that this effort is not reserved for a minority. It does not reduce people to projects, on the contrary it encourages us to intentionally develop relationships with them. It requires investing time in the lives of people who are interested and motivated to follow Jesus. Finally, only truly humble teachers should form disciples of Jesus, for “every accomplished disciple will be like his teacher” (Lu 6.40). This book is about all of that and more. After reading it, you will definitely recommend it to others. I know I will! »
- MIGUEL NÚÑEZ, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church, Santo Domingo; president, Wisdom and Integrity

Table of contents

Preface to the series
Preface to the French edition

1. Influence is inevitable
2. A life oriented towards others.
3. Discipleship-Making Work
4. Objections to making disciples

5. The Local Church
6. Pastors and members

7. Choose someone
8. Have clear objectives
9. Pay the price
10. Train managers

Conclusion - by Jonathan Leeman
Appendix - Suggested books that can be used alongside the Bible in discipleship training
Notes < br> Index of Bible references


Original title : Discipling
Author : Mark Dever
Publisher : Impact
Publication : September 2019
Pages : 170
ISBN : 978-2-924595-62-6
Format : eBook

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