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<transcy> Disciplines of a Godly Woman(audiobook) (Femme de Dieu, exerce-toi à la piété) </transcy>

Barbara Hughes
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For many, this word alone inspires fear. Not because we don't aspire to be disciplined physically, mentally, and spiritually. But the challenge seems so difficult, or we are motivated by duty rather than desire. And we all know that when it comes to our Christian walk, we don't want to fall into legalism and limit ourselves to following a set of rules. There is much more to the Christian life, doesn't it?

Barbara Hughes responds with this encouragement: The real heart of spiritual discipline is a relationship with God. As this relationship deepens and your love for your Heavenly Father and his ways grows, you will find that discipline will help you stay attached to him. This is how he gives meaning to your whole life. As you realize that there is nothing more important than loving Him every moment, in your every activity and every thought, you will see your fears turn into aspirations.

BARBARA HUGHES has actively supported the pastoral ministry of her husband, Kent, for almost 40 years, while raising her four children. Valued in her role as a teacher in women's groups, she has also written, with her husband Kent, the books Common-Sense Parenting and The Ministry Freed From Success Syndrome. Her husband is the author of the book Man of God, Practice Godliness.

“An invitation, not to an abstract list of disciplines, but to divine grace which shapes us in all aspects of concrete life.
- KATHLEEN NIELSON, Director of Women's Initiatives for the Gospel Coalition

“At a time when many young women are looking for a mentor, and many mature women feel ill-equipped to take on this task, this book represents a wise and loving response for these two groups. »
- DR. CLAIRE SMITH, author of the book God’s Good Design

"This is a treasure chest of biblical wisdom. All Christian women who desire to be like Jesus should read this book. "
- LINDSAY BENN, wife of a former bishop of the Anglican Church

Table of contents


1. Discipline in the service of piety

Part 1: The Soul
2. Discipline of the Gospel
3. The discipline of submission
4. The Discipline of Prayer
5. The discipline of worship

Second part: The character
6. Discipline of the Mind
7. The Discipline of Contentment
8. The discipline of decorum
9. The discipline of perseverance

Part 3: Relations
10. Discipline of the Church
11. The Discipline of Celibacy
12. The discipline of marriage
13. The discipline of benevolence

Part Four: The Ministry
14. The Discipline of Good Deeds
15. The Discipline of Witness
16. The discipline of offering

Part Five: Grace
17. The grace of discipline

Psalms of Praise for Your Personal Time with God
M'Cheyne's Daily Bible Reading Plan
Suggested Reading
How to Respond in Tough Times?
Additional Bible Passages Regarding Good Works
Opportunities to Practice Good Works
Testimony of James and Deby Fellowes
A Woman's House According to God
Reference Index biblical


Original title : Disciplines of a Godly Woman
Author : Barbara Hughes
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication : 2013
ISBN : 978-2-925131-28-1
Format : MP3
Duration : 7.4 hours
Read by : Tiffany Sagnol

Customer Reviews

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Un classique!

Ce livre de Barbara Hughes, comme celui de son mari Kent, est un classique. Si ce que la Bible dit sur la féminité vous intéresse, écoutez ce livre! Elle présente la beauté de la féminité et de la maternité d’une excellente manière. Elle parle du rôle de la femme en relation avec Dieu, avec son mari et avec l’Église.