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<transcy>George Müller - His Life and Work (eBook) ( George Müller - Sa vie et son oeuvre)</transcy>

G. Brunel
by Impact
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The Bristol miracle

To immerse yourself in the life of George Müller, to witness the many trials he has overcome, will always be a real gift. This unpretentious man shows us by his way of acting the importance of constantly fixing our eyes on God and hoping only in him. We cannot remain indifferent to so much perseverance and faith, but above all we realize how sovereign God is and never lets us down.

The text, taken from the autobiography and various writings of George Müller, is that of the book edited by Mrs. G. Brunel in 1947. A new layout and a modification of the verb tenses refresh the old edition and revive the testimony of this giant of faith.

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Table of contents

1. Childhood and youth
2. Conversion
3. First Steps in the Christian Life
4. In England. Missionary preparation
5. Alone with God
6. In Bristol
7. Foundation of the Bristol Institute
8. Opening of the first orphanages
9. Times of Sickness and Trials of the Faith
10. Walking with God
11. Evangelist in Germany
12. Construction of houses for orphans
13. Visit to orphanages
14. Mrs Müller
15. Second marriage
16. Twilight transformed into dawn
17. The appeal


Author : Mme G. Brunel
Edition : Impact
Publication : 2008
ISBN (.mobi) : 978-2-89082-187-3
ISBN (.epub) : 978-2-89082-188-0
Dimensions : 5.38 "x 8.31"

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