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<transcy>Unlimited grace (Grâce infinie) </transcy>

Bryan Chapell
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We talk so often about the “grace of God” that we sometimes forget its supernatural power. By His grace, God closes the door to all our attempts to please Him in order to avoid His wrath or gain His favor. But it goes much further.

How does the grace of God change our motivations and affections? How can we lean on it to flee from sin and finally obey wholeheartedly as God expects us to?

This book is full of Scripture references that will help you understand why you should rely on this infinite resource. The more you tap into it, the more joy the gospel will produce in you that will transform your life from within. Not only will you want to learn more about God and His plans, but you will also be free to obey Him without compromise.

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Bryan Chapell is a pastor in Peoria, United States. He is the author of Preaching and many other books.


"God loves you as much as he loves Jesus! Do you realize? »With the talents of a preacher and the pastoral wisdom that we know him (cf. Preaching: The Art and the Way, Excelsis, 2009), Bryan Chapell in this new book takes a look at a biblical notion that we cannot understand. exaggerate the importance: the infinite grace of God. He rightly emphasizes the "alchemy of the heart" created by the truths of grace, "an alchemy that shifts the focus and strengths of our life goals." And he makes the grace of God shine with all its fires, even when addressing the question of hell! To read and to have read!
- Etienne Lhermenault, President of the CNEF (National Council of Evangelicals of France)

Professor and Pastor Bryan Chapell endows us with a remarkable work that develops the fundamental importance of divine grace to the life of every Christian. He brilliantly demonstrates how grace motivates and makes possible a life of love for God. He also analyzes with great finesse the relationship between law and grace. Chapell rightly points out the omnipresence of grace throughout the Bible and indicates ways to spot it. This book is very clear, comprehensive, balanced and deep. The approach is resolutely focused on practical theology, as evidenced by the number of illustrations and the author's pastoral tone. It is undoubtedly a landmark work.
- Pierre Klipfel, Director of the Institut Biblique de Genève

Bryan Chapell shows how the love of God begins to transform us from within. The questions he offers us to answer in our interaction with the biblical text (such as: What does this passage teach me about God the Redeemer?) Are questions that I suggest to all teachers and leaders responsible for presenting regularly the Word of God. May this book remind you that it is the power of God's love that drives us to obedience!
- Trevin Wax, Editor-in-chief of The Gospel Project

Sitting before the throne of God's grace, the author invites me to join him in reading and interpreting the Bible. In this closeness to the heart of God, we discover the love of God and the response to the real needs of our hearts, of our lives. A discovery that makes us in love with Jesus Christ and full of grace for all men. My wish: That all who read, interpret and preach the message of the Bible read this book! It is the source of love, wealth and wisdom.
- Daniel Herrmann, Missionary with France for Christ; teacher at the Biblical Institute of Geneva.

All is grace. Central and wonderful affirmation of the Gospel! Yes, but concretely, well-known questions "fall on" us. Do I have nothing to do? What is God's part and what is man's part? "Beware of laxity," shout some; “Watch out for legalism,” others shout; “Watch out for both,” others summarize, or the same. Thank you to Bryan Chapel for leading us in adoration and wonder by giving us many very concrete answers to these questions that regularly arise among us. He gently and clearly denounces our inadequacies and our twisted reasoning, and forcefully proclaims the truth of grace all sufficient and only sufficient. Our love is the only right answer to the primary love of God. Our love for God is the only motivation sufficient to lead us in holiness and in the works prepared in advance by our Father. An excellent book that has helped me take a few steps in the right direction by… the grace of God!
- Etienne Grosrenaud, Pastor of the Baptist Church of Mulhouse; member of the GBU reference committee; professor at the Biblical Institute of Geneva

Grace: we hear about it, we talk about it and we are even convinced of it… in theory. But in practice, we still have such a tendency to live the gospel of works and merits, as much in our relationship with God as in our relationship with others. How does grace guide my married life and my home? How does grace lead my life in the local Church? Bryan Chapell has the merit of jostling us in what we believe to be obvious but which we practice little. It prompts us to reflect, to question ourselves to help us live these words of Paul “The grace of God, source of salvation for all men […] teaches us”. He does this by combining good biblical reflection with very practical and concrete avenues to once again let the grace of God rejoice and motivate us. This book is essential for any disciple who wishes to grow in his relationship with God and even more for one who teaches in the Church.
- Philippe Evan, Pastor in Friborg of a FREE Church (French-speaking Federation of Evangelical Churches)

Chapell teaches us that the whole Christian life, from start to finish, is lived by grace. The deepest message of the Bible and of the ministry of Jesus Christ is the extravagant grace of God to those who sin and those who suffer. This good news is essential to avoid underestimating the importance of both assurance of salvation and sanctification. Infinite Grace is a celebration of grace for all life in that it directly addresses an honest and practical question: How does grace concretely affect our life?
- Justin S. Holcomb, Episcopal Pastor; professor of Christian thought at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Table of contents


Part 1 - The Alchemy of the Heart for Our Lives
1. A gift for the king
2. Who and what
3. A Little Order in Court
4. His care precedes his orders
5. Family Is Stronger Than Failure
6. Get to know the way
7. Get to know yourself
8. Love is in Control
9. You can't buy change
10. This only concerns Jesus and me?

Part Two - The Alchemy of the Heart in the Bible
11. Grace is everywhere
12. Discerning Grace

Part Three - Some Key Questions About Heart Alchemy
13. How Can I Find Grace in All the Scriptures?
14. How to avoid legalism?
15. How to find the balance between grace and the law?
16. How to apply grace to instructions? (1)
17. How to apply grace to instructions? (2)
18. Is Love the Only Source of Motivation in the Bible?
19. What About Fear?
20. What about hell?
21. Will I change if I continue to sin?

Index of Bible references
About Gospel 21


Original title : Unlimited grace
Author : Bryan Chapell
Publisher : Cruciforme / BLF Éditions
ISBN : 978-2-924595-45-9
Publication : June 2018
Pages : 208
Format : paperback
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