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<transcy>Guide for the exegesis of the Old Testament (Guide pour l'exégèse de l'Ancien Testament)</transcy>

Matthieu Richelle
by Édifac
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For many Bible readers who are asked to "exegesis" a passage from the Old Testament, the instruction given remains somewhat of a mystery. Where to start ? What approach to adopt? Written in a pragmatic spirit, this book guides the reader by offering concrete methods illustrated by numerous examples, all accompanied by indications of well-chosen resources, including on the Internet. The book concludes with practical advice on moving from exegesis to sermon. Preachers, students and other attentive readers of the Bible will find there an opportunity to update their knowledge of exegetical techniques.

This book invites a gradual initiation. The first level, accessible without knowledge of Hebrew, addresses the following themes: literary genre, literary context, geographical, historical and socio-cultural context, structure, narrative analysis, intertextuality, canonical context and reception. The second level looks at translation, textual criticism and editorial analysis.


Matthieu Richelle , doctor of historical and philological sciences (EPHE), former student of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem, is professor of the Old Testament at the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Vaux -on the Seine.


Author : Matthieu Richelle
Publisher : Édifac
Publication : May 2018
ISBN : 978-2-7550-0175-4
Pages : 360
Dimensions : 16 x 22 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 525 g

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