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<tc>Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church (Guide pratique de théologie biblique (ebook))</tc>

Michael Lawrence
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Many believers view biblical theology as an academic discipline that has nothing to do with the church or their ministry. In fact, in a bookstore, books on this subject are usually far removed from those on the church. Biblical theology, however, is crucial for a clear sense of God's direction for our church and ministry.
In this book, Michael Lawrence brings the academic and church worlds together by emphasizing the practical value of biblical theology for the ministry of every Christian. He uses various tools such as exegesis, biblical theology, and systematic theology to synthesize the history of the Bible from different perspectives, and then explains how we can put biblical theology into practice in areas such as teaching, preaching, counseling, and mission.
Packed with examples and practical advice, this book will enable church leaders and all believers to think, teach and minister using the framework of biblical theology.
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Michael Lawrence (Ph.D., University of Cambridge; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is the senior pastor of Hinson Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon. He is also a board member of The Gospel Coalition. He and his wife, Adrienne, have five children.
"Michael Lawrence provides a clear and compelling account of how biblical theology leads us to adjust our worldview to God's. He invites us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. He invites us to roll up our sleeves and work with enthusiasm, keeping our eyes truly on Jesus Christ. The doctrinal support (principles of typology, covenant, God's plan and sovereignty, etc.) is dense but concisely presented, and is complemented by many stimulating practical illustrations (homiletics, helping relationships, mission, caring for the poor, etc.), as always in 9Marks. This is a lively and accessible manual that will be invaluable to all church leaders and useful for every Christian."

Titre original : La théologie biblique dans la vie de l'Eglise
Auteur : Michael Lawrence
Éditeur : Cruciforme
Parution : février 2022
ISBN : 978-2-925131-39-7
Format : eBook

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