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<transcy>The History Of The Work Of Redemption (Histoire de l'oeuvre de la rédemption)</transcy>

Jonathan Edwards
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The scope of the work of redemption is  immense. Demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the scriptures, Jonathan Edwards examines God's redemptive work in history, from the fall of man until the end of the world. He draws this fascinating conclusion: from start to finish, everything that makes up human history is subject to Christ's work of redemption. Nothing can interfere with his work. On the contrary, God, in his wisdom, allows everything that happens to literally serve to make it progress.

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Jonathan Edwards was born in 1703 in the village of East Windsor, Connecticut. He is still considered one of America's greatest intellectuals to this day. He preached extensively on the balance between the faith of the heart and the reason. In his day, his sermons sparked a whole series of conversions and played a pivotal role in the "Great Awakening" in New England. Although little known in the Francophonie, his work is immense and his theology contains precious treasures.

Table of contents

First period
From the fall to the incarnation
1. From the fall to the flood
2. From the Flood to Abraham's Calling
3. From Abraham's Vocation to Moses
4. From Moses to David
5. From David to the Babylonian Captivity
6. From the Babylonian Captivity to the Coming of Christ
7. Supplement for the first period

Second period
From the incarnation of Christ to his resurrection
1. Of the Incarnation of Christ
2. Acquisition of redemption
3. Lessons from the second period

Third period
1. From the Resurrection of Christ to the Destruction of Jerusalem
2. From the destruction of Jerusalem to the reign of Constantine
3. From Constantine to the appearance of the Antichrist
4. From the appearance of the Antichrist to the Reformation
5. From the Reformation to the present day
6. Practical lessons given to us by the preceding facts
7. From the present time to the fall of the Antichrist
8. Success of redemption during this time in which the Christian Church will generally be at peace and prosperity
9. Universal judgment
10. Lessons from this whole story


Author : Edwards, Jonathan
Original title : The History Of The Work Of Redemption
Publisher: Impact Héritage
ISBN : 978-2-924773-00-0
Publication : November 2016
Pages : 448
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