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<transcy>They will never perish (Ils ne périront jamais)</transcy>

Arthur Pink
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Will Christians endure in faith to the end, or do they have to be obedient and faithful to the will of God in order to achieve glory? The question is important. If the answer seems obvious to some, it must be admitted that it arouses great perplexity among many believers. Besides, the implications are not so straightforward given the complexity of the human heart.

Is it possible to misunderstand your own salvation and be presumptuous? Or can you moan your whole life in unnecessary uncertainty? Can we really know for sure that we are saved? How do we reconcile the assurances of the Bible on the safety of God's chosen ones with the divine exhortations (often very strong) which are attached to the promise of salvation?

Indeed, the subject is complex and the balance is not easy to find. That is why this book is welcome and of the utmost importance.

Its author has a clear knack for precision and detailed analysis, but he never loses sight of the big picture. Great wealth for the examination of such a subject! It shows how the eternal security of the elect and the final perseverance of the saints in faith and godliness are sides of the same truth.

The reader finds here a balm for his heart and a motivation for his life. These pages lead him to look away from the quicksand of human nature and place them on the unshakeable rock that is Christ and which the Bible urges him to live every day.


Arthur Pink (1886-1952) - Born in Nottingham, England, he held pastoral positions in Great Britain, then the United States and Australia. He was for many years the editor of a theological magazine entitled "Studies in the Scriptures", from which most of his writing is derived. He is the author of "The Sovereignty of God" ; "He who speaks of the cross" ; "The Lord is my support" , or "Good works, obedience and the Bible" . He died in the town of Stornoway, on one of the islands in the north of Scotland.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. The Importance of the Perseverance of Saints
3. The nature of this doctrine
4. The wonder of the eternal security of the saints
5. The source of this perseverance
6. The Blessed Character of the Safety of the Elect
7. The perversion of this doctrine
8. The protections that surround this truth
9. The opposition it meets
10. The Benefits of the Eternal Security of the Elect
11. Conclusion


Subtitle : La persévérance des saints
Author : Arthur Pink
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 222
Weight : 268 g
Publication : 2000
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.6 cm
ISBN : 978-2-906287-91-4
Format : paperback

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