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<transcy>Introduction to Evangelical Theology (Introduction à la théologie évangélique) </transcy>

Kevin DeYoung
by Impact
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In recent years, the term “evangelical” has lost almost all meaning. It has come to designate a political trend or term that sociologists use about Christians affiliated with certain denominations or institutions. The adjective "evangelical" has come to mean everything and nothing.

In this book, Kevin DeYoung and several other evangelical Christian leaders remind us that this term has value, provided it is charged with a theological meaning that expresses itself in a particular way in ethical spheres, social and ecclesiastical.

Through different themes, such as God, the Gospel, the new birth, justification, sanctification, the kingdom and Jesus Christ, the authors of this book wish to make known to young Christians, to recent Christians converted or untrained the fundamental teachings of our faith.

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Table of contents

1. God: A Different Being - Jonathan Leeman
2. Scripture: How is the Bible an Unequaled Book? - Andy Naselli
3. The Gospel: God takes the place of sinners - Greg Gilbert
4. The New Birth: “You must be born again” - Ben Peays
5. Justification: why prefer the news of "Lord our righteousness" to that of "Lord our model" - Jay Harvey
6. Sanctification: Self-Pity Is Not Enough - Owen Strachan
7. The kingdom: heaven after earth, heaven on earth or a radically different reality? - Russel Moore
8. Jesus Christ: the only way and our only hope - Tim Challies


Authors : Jonathan Leeman, Andy Naselli, Greg Gilbert, Ben Peays, Jay Harvey, Owen Strachan, Russell Moore, Tim Challies
Editor : Kevin DeYoung
: Impact
Publication : July 2018
ISBN : 978-2-89082-327-3
Pages : 140
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 176 g < / p>

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