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<transcy>Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically(eBook) (Introduction au counseling biblique (eBook) )</transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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Available: September 1, 2021

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The life of the Church has perhaps never been so seriously threatened as by this rush for the doctrines of secular psychology.

This book presents a collection of Bible truths to help Christians examine and understand their problems in light of the Word of God. It is based on a triple conviction:

  1. The Word of God should be our authority in helping relationships.
  2. The helping relationship is an essential ministry in the local church.
  3. God's people can and should be trained in the helping relationship.

John MacArthur has teamed up with Wayne Mack and other colleagues to write a book intended not only for pastors but also for any Christian wanting to learn about Bible counseling. The authors trace the history of Bible counseling and then discuss in detail its theological foundations, practice, and the impact of this ministry in the local church.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to effectively counsel people who are going through difficulties and who are looking for love and hope.

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John MacArthur (D. Div., Talbot Theological Seminary) is a pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, a church in Sun Valley, Calif.
His ministry of preaching by exhibition is unparalleled in its scope and influence. He is president of The Master’s University and Seminary. He is the author of numerous bestsellers, including The MacArthur Commentaries on the New Testament .


“It is a joy to see that this introductory book on Bible counseling has been translated into French. In my opinion, there are few good introductory books to Bible counseling in English and, to my knowledge, none in French to bridge the gap between more advanced books and popular books that are intended for the general public. I believe that this excellent book, written by several well-known authors in the field, will remedy this shortcoming and thus serve as a basic manual for students beginning their training in Bible counseling. It could also be very useful for anyone wishing to learn more about the fundamentals that underlie the basics of Bible counseling. »
- Matthieu Caron, president of the Biblical Counseling Foundation; pastor at the Evangelical Baptist Church in Shawinigan-Sud, Canada

"This book is useful in the way it sets out the difference between secular psychology and biblical counseling, and also in the way the authors identify pitfalls to avoid so that one is not influenced by secular thought. in the practice of Bible counseling. It is also a very useful tool for those new to studying Bible counseling, because it is simple and full of practical examples. »
- Hosée Jeudi, Director of Biblical Counseling Centers at the Biblical Counseling Foundation; one of the pastors at the Evangelical Baptist Church of Rosemont

“For several years now I have been waiting for the publication of this book which is, in my opinion, an excellent manual of helping relationship, both centered on the Bible and on the importance of the Christian community as a place. support for people in pain. John MacArthur, by soliciting several contributors, including Wayne Mack, offers us on a platter a manual both theoretical and practical to encourage any church leader to take care of others in the best possible way. The practical dimension of support explained by Wayne Mack has already been proven in Europe in various helping relationship training courses that I have benefited from, before being able to lead them. This book provides an essential perspective for re-qualifying the Church in her mission to "take care of one another". Do not deny ourselves to use the resources he offers us! »
- Paul Millemann, psychologist; lecturer at the Biblical Institute of Geneva, at the Jean Calvin Faculty of Aix-en-Provence and at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Montreal

“As I write these lines, I personally see that secular psychotherapies have won several victories over Biblical accompaniment. They are more reassuring, because most of them call for a subjective reflection on a subjective experience. Modern psychology has evolved a lot. Theories like psychoanalysis have almost completely disappeared. But secular psychotherapies have taken the gaze of Christians away from the only trusted source to direct our existence. This book emphasizes that source: the Word of God. Our Creator is the only one who has a correct view of the human being. Therefore, we should be much more careful about how he portrays him in his Word. The tools offered in this book have the merit of drawing on the scriptures and staying true to the way God created us. God gives us responsibilities as Christians towards the community. We need to take seriously what He tells us about the support, listening, compassion, and sometimes discipline we need to show to our brothers and sisters because of our love for them. Bible counseling is something that appeals to me and convinces me, because it helps us see as God sees in order to live as God wants. »
- Samuel Laurent, psychologist, student at the Jean Calvin Faculty of Theology and blogger on

Table of contents

Foreword (John MacArthur & Wayne A. Mack)
Introduction (John MacArthur)

Part I - Historical background Bible counseling
1. Rediscovering Bible Counseling (John MacArthur)
2. Bible Counseling Today (David Powlison)
3. Why talk about Bible counseling and not psychology? (John Street)

Part II - The Theological Foundations of Biblical Counseling
4. The Centrality of God in Biblical Counseling (Douglas Bookman)
5. Counseling and Sinful Mankind (John MacArthur)
6. The Spirit's Work in Bible Counseling (John MacArthur)
7. Spiritual Discipline and the Bible Counselor (Robert Smith)

Part III - The Practice of Bible Counseling
8. Develop a relationship of trust with the person being accompanied (Wayne A. Mack)
9. Arousing Hope in Counselor (Wayne A. Mack)
10. Review with accompanying person: collect data (Wayne A. Mack)
11. Interpreting the Data Collected (Wayne A. Mack)
12. Bible Counseling and Teaching (Wayne A. Mack)
13. Biblical Counseling and Incentives (Wayne A. Mack)
14. Implementing Bible Teaching (Wayne A. Mack)

Part IV - The Ministry of Bible Counseling
15. Bible Preaching and Counseling (John MacArthur)
16. Gifts of the Spirit and Bible Counseling (John MacArthur)
17. Local Church and Bible Counseling (William W. Goode)
18. Resources for Bible Counseling (Dennis M. Swanson and Wayne A. Mack)
19. Frequently Asked Questions About Bible Counseling (Edited by John MacArthur and Wayne A. Mack)

Annex: Personal balance sheet


Original title : Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically
Author : John MacArthur
Publisher: Impact 

 Publication : September 2021
ISBN : 978-2-89082-431-7
Pages : 407
Format : eBook

Customer Reviews

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Un excellent livre

Entre le conseil, la psychologie et autre en tant que chrétien nous sommes appelés à tout remettre à la lumière des écritures. Ce livre est un merveilleux outil que tout chrétien devrait en posséder.

Introduction au Counseling biblique

Très bien