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<transcy> Gay Girl, Good God (Jackie : une homosexuelle découvre la bonté de Dieu)</transcy>

Jackie Hill Perry
by CLÉ
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jackie , Jackie Hill Perry's autobiography reads like a novel. She tells us how she came to God, or rather how He came to her. Everything took her away from God: a broken innocence, the absence of a father, an attraction to women and a fully assumed masculinity. But through the unconditional love of God, which she finds in her life journey, Jackie will experience what it means to be born again. How then to apprehend what seemed so natural to her? Was that the only thing she needed to change in her life? Jackie is a poet whose literary pen addresses these hotly debated questions. More than a simple autobiography, it is an authentic testimony where the author shares with us all that she could have felt as a homosexual called and loved by God.

This book will help you:

  • Understand how a person “attracted to the same sex” feels.
  • Welcome, encourage and love homosexual / LGBTQ people.
  • Discover the profound transformations of a conversion.
  • Renew your gaze on the word of God and its power.
  • Reflect on the question of identity (homosexual VS Christian).
  • Make the difference between the Gospel and the homosexual Gospel.

Highlights of the book:

  • Sensitive, poetic, literary, respectful, profound.
  • Reads like a novel.


  • Any believer who loves authentic testimonies.
  • Young or adult who want to deepen the question of homosexuality.


JACKIE HILL PERRY is an author, poet and artist whose work has previously appeared in The Washington Times and in several publications including The Gospel Coalition. Since becoming a Christian in 2008, she has used all of her gifts as a speaker and teacher to share the light of the gospel in the most authentic way possible. She is currently married to Preston and a mother of two.

Table of contents

part one: who I was
1: 2006
2: 6000 BC J.-C. - 1995 apr. J.-C.
3: 1988
4: 1989-2007
5: 2006
6: 2007
7: 2007
8: 2007
part two: who I became
9: 2008
10: 2008
11: 2008-2014
12: 2009-2014
13: 2013-2014
third part: l same-sex attraction and…
15: same-sex attraction and identity
16: same-sex attraction and perseverance
17: same-sex attraction and heterosexual gospel


Original title : Gay Girl, Good God
Author : Jackie Hill Perry
Publisher : Éditions Clé
Publication : November 2019
ISBN : 978-2-35843-134-7
Pages : 178
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 216 g

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Se lit comme un roman

Très beau témoignage vrai et sincère qui nous rappelle que l'amour de Dieu est accessible à tous.