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 Be Patient, God Hasn't Finished with Me Yet! (Jacob : Les démêlés d'un homme avec la grâce)

Roger Ellsworth
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It may seem strange to want to spend time contemplating Jacob's life. To begin with, this man lived a very long time ago, in a time very different from ours. What can we learn from someone who doesn't even have a TV?

Then, Jacob is different from most biblical characters. Certainly, he appears in the "pantheon" of the heroes of the faith which is Hebrews chapter 11. But he appears rather as a kind of anti-hero. His life is riddled with failures, mistakes and shameful practices.

But this is precisely where Jacob can teach us. Few Christians are real heroes. Many, on the contrary, feel like the typical example of the anti-hero. Even in the experience of our faith, we often advance “in slippers”, in the mediocrity of our littleness. And what about our failures, our mistakes ...

But the question remains: Why contemplate the life of Jacob?

Mainly because, behind this anti-hero so similar to us, looms a wonderful hero. It is about the God of grace who chose and loved Jacob, and who refuses to let him go before making him a "prince with God." He is the God whose grace is impregnable, whom one cannot get rid of.

What is not the hope that this truth can spark in us! Yes, on second thought, it is right that we examine Jacob's life; it is right that we contemplate the God of Jacob so that we too can become “princes with God”.


Roger Ellsworth is pastor of an Evangelical Baptist church in the United States. He served with a Bible institute and an association of evangelical churches. He is the author of several books and biblical commentaries, including "Objectif Golgotha", published in French by Europresse.


Original title : Be Patient, God Hasn't Finished with Me Yet!
Author : Roger Ellsworth
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 144
Weight : 185 g
Publication : 2003
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 x 1.2 centimeters
ISBN : 9782914562171
Format : paperback

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