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<transcy>I choose to forgive (Je choisis de pardonner)</transcy>

Dianne B. Collard
by CLÉ
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Does God ask me to forgive the murderer of my child? Where to find the necessary strength?

We live in a difficult world. Everyone suffers offenses or deep wounds in their life. These painful situations, light or serious like murder, put us before the same question: "Does God expect me to forgive?" The answer is clear. The decision to obey is ours. The power to do this comes from God alone. I Choose to Forgive is a heartbreaking journey, from annihilation to freedom. The author presents solid biblical explanations to understand the concrete steps that lead to forgiveness and reconciliation. She gives valuable advice for leaders to create an atmosphere conducive to forgiveness in a group. Finally, she finishes her book on a Bible study to be done in a small group.

Why read the book?

  • To discover a poignant testimony.
  • To understand the process of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • To concretely apply forgiveness in your life.

Highlights of the book:

  • Short and easy to read.
  • Practical and hands-on: includes a Bible study.
  • The theme of forgiveness concerns all readers.


  • Any believer who wants to better live forgiveness and reconciliation according to God.
  • Any non-believer who wants to find forgiveness according to the Bible.

Dianne Collard and her husband have been engaged in missionary work for 25 years. They served the Lord full time throughout their forty-five year marriage. As a cross-cultural trainer, Dianne has trained hundreds of missionaries around the world. She holds the position of Director of the Arts Department in Europe, in the "Christian Testimony International" team.

She lectures in North America and Europe. She has three children and five granddaughters.

She received a BA in Information and Communication Sciences from San Francisco State University, an MA in Intercultural Studies, and a Doctorate in Missiology from Biola University at La Mirada in California.

Dianne lives in North Carolina. The address of its website is:


“Nothing in life overwhelms our soul more severely than unjust wounds that we do not deserve. When someone casually snatches what we hold most dear, crazy grief, rage and a desire for revenge invades us. This is our natural reaction. We moan: "I am unable to bear this misfortune!" Paralyzed by tragedy, life seems to come to a halt. Few of them are spared by fate. But what to do in misfortune? Because the distress is persistent. Doctor Collard's reaction to the most abominable of crimes will surprise the reader with its originality. The impossible becomes achievable. His story is not limited to the presentation of a story full of courage, it is also the methodical transcription of the metamorphosis of an implacable hatred into an incredible victory where each side wins. In the thick darkness of utter despair pierces a ray of light. These lines will accompany the reader on the path to ultimate peace of heart and, showing the way to comfort, they will be a real balm for any broken soul. "
- Howard G. Hendricks , Honorary Professor of Leadership and Christian Education Dallas Theological Seminary

Table of contents

Foreword to the French edition
Preface < br> Prologue
The journey begins
The "impossible" divine destination
The destructive evasions
Barred road
The route
We reach the goal
An endless expedition
Applications for your journey
The Gospel (the good news) of God… and the bad
For leaders: Creating an atmosphere conducive to forgiveness
Bible studies for small groups
About the author


Author: Dianne B. COLLARD
Subtitle: A mother, a murderer and God

 Publication: April 2, 2013
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 14x21 cm
ISBN: 978-2-35843-029-6
Format : paperback