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<transcy>I am not ashamed (Je sais en qui j'ai cru) </transcy>

Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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Previously posted under the title: I am not ashamed of the Gospel

With these familiar words, the apostle Paul reminds his young colleague in the ministry of the basis of the faith he has received from God. Although a servant of choice with unparalleled qualities, Timothy was of a more reserved nature than the apostle. Faced with the storm of opposition often propagated by highly qualified Jewish experts, he was tempted to see nothing other than what he regarded as his inexperience, and it made him tremble and falter. He tended to look at the waves more than the Lord in whose footsteps he was walking. Many look like him today and are threatened with capitulation to error by putting too much weight on their temper and disposition.

The apostle shows that the battle is not being fought there, but rather in the realm of a clear knowledge of the truth of the gospel and its impact on the reality of the situation in which the believer finds himself. Timothy was in trouble because he had forgotten the power of this truth, the double-edged sword of the Spirit, which acts and transforms the entire believer, enabling him to triumph in all situations.

Doctor Lloyd-Jones takes Paul's advice to Timothy and applies it to the present situation and time. With evident pastoral concern, he examines all aspects of gospel truth and shows how it affects the concrete life of one who trusts in Christ. In doing so, he touches on a number of related fields, which makes his book a great help in answering common and confusing questions of Christians.

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D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981): Of Welsh origin, he achieved notoriety in the medical field before devoting himself to pastoral ministry. He was first pastor of a small church in the mining area of ​​Wales, then he became pastor in Westminster Chapel, one of the most famous independent assemblies in London. A renowned preacher and speaker, he was an inspiration to many pastors, theology students and church members to rediscover the historic faith.

Table of contents

1 The question of life
2 True Christian faith
3 The correct diagnosis
4 Who is man?
5 Our Savior Jesus Christ 

6 God's unchanging purpose
7 The divine way of redemption
8 Abundance of life
9 Deliverance from fear
10 "That day"
11 I am convinced


Original title : I am not ashamed
Author : Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Publisher: Europresse 

 Publication : April 2021
ISBN : 978-1-914156-01-4
Pages : 228
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 284 g

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Une bonne prédication

Dans son texte, le réputé pasteur propose des réflexions parfois basées sur la poésie, l’Histoire ou la philosophie. Ses raisonnements sont bien exposés et remplis de bon sens. «Nous ne savons rien par nous-mêmes au sujet de Dieu. Nous ne saurions pas qu’il est amour s’il ne l’avait pas dit. Or, le livre qui révèle que Dieu est amour déclare aussi qu’il hait le péché et qu’il va le punir.» (p. 50) Ce livre est une bonne prédication, à méditer longuement. «Combien de temps ce monde durera-t-il encore? Nul ne sait, mais, même s’il continue d’exister pendant un millier d’années, il n’y aura pas de nouvel Évangile, car il n’y en aura aucun besoin. L’idée selon laquelle l’homme moderne a besoin d’un nouveau message est un rejet total de l’Évangile.» (p. 96)