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<transcy>Lectures to my Students (Je vous ferai pêcheurs d'hommes)</transcy>

Charles Spurgeon
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Charles Spurgeon was both a giant and eminently human. In the midst of the students of his Pastoral School, he discovers himself and lets see the bottom of his heart.

In these “Friday afternoon” moments, he seeks to ignite these young servants of God. He knows that hard battles await them and that a calling as high as theirs is not for the lukewarm.

So he plunges his verve into his concern for the quality of the interior life of the man of God and the effectiveness of his presentation of the message. It examines the intimate relationship between human life and the impact of the artwork.

As we envy the listeners of the time! But, like Gideon, he only wants to keep God's chosen warriors. True success in ministry comes only through total submission to the will and truth of God.

The same Lord still calls and sends workers into his vineyard, and his servant still shows the way.

Table of contents

The need for personal vigilance
The divine call to the pastoral vocation
Prayer in the life of the pastor
Prayer in worship
The content of the message
The choice of text
The ability to improvise
The lack of tools
The use of images and allegories
Obtaining and keeping the attention of the audience
The pastor in everyday life
Moments of weakness
Close your eyes and turn a deaf ear
The action of the Holy Spirit in the ministry
The zeal in the ministry
The need for progress in the ministry
The need to be convinced of the truth
Our goal: conversion


Original title : Lectures to my Students
Author : Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: Europresse
Pages : 256
Weight : 306 g
Publication date : March 2015
Dimensions : 13.8 x 21.6 cm
ISBN : 978-2-914562-0-96

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