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Jean Calvin: reformer, theologian, pastor (PDF) (Jean Calvin : réformer, theoligian, pastor (PDF))

Williston Walker
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At the beginning of the twentieth th century, a marked renewal of interest in the person and the work of Jean Calvin led to the massive publication of his writings. Using these newly available resources, Williston Walker wrote this biography to demonstrate Calvin's considerable influence on Western religious history.

In this book, the author highlights Calvin's training, spiritual development, and work without wasting too much time on the details of his relationships and the spread of the Reformation. While offering a chronological look at his life, the author focuses on Calvin's main controversies as well as the character and extent of his connection to the Reformation as a whole. This volume also includes historical photos and illustrations of key places in Calvin's life.

“John Calvin's fundamental concern - from the beginning to the end of his life - was the centrality, the supremacy and the majesty of the glory of God. »
- John Piper, pastor and founder of Desiring God

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Williston Walker (1860-1922) is an American historian born in Portland, United States. He graduated from Amherst College (1883), Harford Theological Seminary (1886) and Leipzig Theological Seminary (Ph.D., 1888). He was a professor of Church history at Yale University. Walker was raised in a country where Calvinism exerted a preponderant religious and social influence.

Table of contents

Foreword by one of the translators
Preface by the author
Bibliographical note

1. The precursors in France
2. Childhood and early years of studies
3. Hesitations on Choosing a Career
4. Religious development and conversion
5. Flight, retreat, voluntary exile
6. The Institution, Italy and the Arrival in Geneva
7. Geneva before the arrival of Calvin
8. The Early Work of Calvin in Geneva
9. Calvin in Strasbourg
10. Return to Geneva. Ecclesiastical Constitution
11. Struggles and conflicts
12. The tragedy of Servet. Calvin's victory over his opponents. 1553-1557
13. The Crowning of Calvin's Work in Geneva (1559)
14. Calvin's influence outside Geneva
15. Calvin's Theology
16. Calvin's last days. His physical and moral portrait

Alphabetical index of names and contents
Table of engravings


Author : Williston Walker
Publisher : Impact Héritage
Publication : January 2020
ISBN : 978-2-924773-30-7
Pages : 503
Format : PDF