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<transcy>Jesus in 25 questions (Jésus en 25 questions)</transcy>

Marc Van de Wouwer
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When he spoke to men, Jesus unsettled them. His questions were often confusing and always relevant. Sometimes they left his interlocutors speechless. Or they weren't expecting a response.

Today we do not hesitate to ask Jesus a lot of things: are you interested in me? Why do you allow this or that to happen?

What is your will for my life? But behind this flood of questions, are we ready to listen to his? And to answer them honestly?

Through 25 short reflections, based on 25 questions from Jesus, this journey to the heart of the Gospels will allow you to meet Jesus and hear what he would like to ask us.

Are you ready to listen to someone asking the right questions? Are you ready to chat with Jesus? Are you ready to answer him honestly? What will you say to him?


Alongside a busy professional life, Marc Van de Wouwer travels regularly to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada to communicate the Gospel.

Table of contents

1. Jesus and the Meaning of Life
2. Jesus and suffering
3. Jesus and religion
4. Jesus and the Worth of the Human Being
5. Jesus and the Concerns of Life
6. Jesus and the Spirit of Judgment
7. Jesus and Human Needs
8. Jesus and Sin
9. Jesus and Adversity
10. The Perfection of Jesus
11. Jesus and the Truth
12. Jesus and the Faith
13. Jesus and Doubt
14. Jesus and the passing of time
15. Jesus and the Resurrection
16. Jesus and the Religious Tradition
17. The Identity of Jesus (1) People's Opinion
18. The Identity of Jesus (2) Man or God?
19. The Identity of Jesus (3) In the Face of the Undecided
20. Jesus and the Hereafter
21. Jesus at the service of men
22. Jesus the model
23. Jesus forsaken by God
24. Jesus and I
25. Jesus and Love
Chapter Notes


Author : Mark Van de Wouwer
Publisher : BLF
ISBN : 978-2-36249-323-2
Pages : 201
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Weight : 234 g
Release : March 2016
Format : paperback

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