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<transcy> Jesus: Dead or Alive? (Jésus est-il vraiment ressuscité?)</transcy>

John Blanchard
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The credibility of the Bible and of the Christian faith depends on answering a simple and precise question: Did Jesus Christ come to life after being dead and buried? Everything revolves around this answer, whether it is the integrity of Jesus, the reality of his claims, or the relevance of his person and his work for the man of today.

The implications of this topic are enormous. If Jesus today is but a handful of dust and bones buried somewhere in the ground on the outskirts of Jerusalem, then the whole of Christian faith is crumbling like a house of cards and the hope of its message perishes with him.

All the martyrs of past centuries and of the present were wrong, as were the Reformers of the sixteenth century; every church building is a monument erected on the basis of an enormous deception; all church services and Easter festivities are just one big, meaningless planetary joke.

What is more, the millions of human beings, who today claim that Jesus is a living Savior who transforms their lives, indulge in a deceptive delusion.

In this clear and dynamic pamphlet, John Blanchard examines the evidence of the resurrection. He delves into alternative explanations, dismantles conspiracy theories and finally shows why there is only one credible and convincing answer to the question: Is Jesus really risen?


John Blanchard : Originally from the island of Guernsey, he spent 13 years in public service before responding to God's call. Since becoming a world-renowned evangelist, he has traveled the world to bring the gospel. He is the author of many books, including Acquitté , Learning and living Christ , Where is the past l 'hell? , My first Bible study . He has also published several brochures in defense of the faith: Where is God when nothing is right? , Where are you going after? , and Fundamental Questions , an evangelization brochure published in more than 30 million copies in some 40 languages.


Original title: Jesus: Dead or Alive?
Author: Thomas Watson
Publisher: Europresse < br> Pages: 40
Weight: 80 g
Publication date: February 2010
Dimensions: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN: 9782914562560
Format: stapled binding

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