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<transcy>Hunger for God: Desiring God through Fasting and Prayer (Jeûner - Nourrir notre faim de Dieu par le jeûne et la prière)</transcy>

John Piper
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Our cravings guide everything we experience on a daily basis, whether it is our stomach's appetite for good food, our thirst for power and possession, or our soul's deep desire to experience God.

For the Christian, hungering for anything other than God himself is ultimately detrimental to good spiritual health and deep joy.

John Piper helps us apply biblical teachings on the young. He wants us to taste the incomparable satisfaction that comes only from a pleasure found above all in God.


JOHN PIPER is the founder of Desiring God. For over 30 years, he was the pastor of a Baptist Church in Minneapolis. He is the author of more than 50 books.


We tried to imagine what would happen if our churches were filled with believers who fast regularly and biblically. Imagine what God could do, at His pleasure, if His Church stood up and said, "This is how much we yearn for you, O God!" ".
–Francis Chan and David Platt, authors of the book Multiply yourself

“In a time when distractions and fleeting little hopes have never been greater, John Piper invites us to rediscover the hunger for God. He replaces the sometimes controversial subject of fasting in a biblical and theological reflection of great richness, by inviting us both to take hold of the “all is accomplished” of the Gospel and to sigh for the new creation that we are still awaiting. . For Piper, the meaning of fasting lies precisely in this expectation, full of aspiration and trust, of the day when we will be perfectly satisfied by the presence of God. He invites us to rediscover the thirst for the living God in a modern Western context where we are constantly invited to force-feed ourselves, to the best of the benefits of creation, to the worst of idols of all kinds. I can only warmly recommend the reading of this very beautiful book. "
–Matthieu Sanders, pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Paris-Center

"This book has helped me make fasting part of my everyday life. Fasting is not a mystical or monastic practice: it concerns all Christians. Fasting is not about us, or our level of godliness, as so many teach. We live in a culture of abundance, a culture of fun and abuse. Fasting is a means of grace that God offers us to help us apprehend someone greater than our appetites. This book has radically changed, simplified and brought me closer to Christ. »
–Keyan Soltani

“One of the most frequently asked questions in my church is that of fasting. What is the point of fasting and praying? Is it to convince God to act? Is it to gain his approval to answer our prayers favorably? This wonderful book draws on the Word of God and turns these questions around by submitting to us that fasting and prayer have nothing to do with answers to our prayers, and everything to do with the hearts of those who pray. “Fasting” is to be read and reread, in order to better understand and better cherish this little understood practice. "
–Jason Procopio, pastor of the Connexion Church, Châtelet-Les Halles, Paris

“This book came into my life at a time when pain and grief created a thirst in me that only our Savior could quench! I'm still hungry and thirsty for him. As I read this book, I felt the extravagant love of God on every page. What a treasure! »
–Amy Kneen

"This book has touched me deeply. The synthesis he offers of the biblical teaching on fasting is remarkable, it opened my eyes to several aspects that had escaped me. But that's not all. Even if you are not interested in the subject of fasting, read this book. He will make you hungry for God. In addition, his balanced treatment of fasting reveals several themes of Christian life in a new light: deep desires, sources of motivation for the Christian walk, legalism, the delights of divine grace, prayer of supplication, watchful waiting for the return of Christ, suffering, injustice in the world, and so on. This book is a feast! One of Piper's best (and most amazing). »
–Dominique Angers, professor at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology (Acadia University, Montreal) and blogger on the website

“In the darkest moments of my Christian life, this book taught me to see God as the one who can fill me completely. As I turned to him, I found joy in the midst of suffering. I no longer saw this difficult period of my life as pure destruction, but as a time in which I was guided by the providence of God in order to see him as the unique desire and the source of fullness of my soul. Fasting: Feeding our hunger for God through fasting and prayer has helped me turn my despair into affection. »
–Rudy Rackle

“I came to America with the American dream in mind. I thirsted for success and money. I had no idea that God was going to turn me away from my idolatry for these things so that my worship would turn to Him alone. The Spirit has made powerful use of this work in my life. I began to understand what it means to give up everything for Jesus Christ, to bring down the walls in obedience, and to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. The bread exists so that I can worship God by the joy I find in him by eating this bread, certainly not so that I glorify this food, or that I glory in having been able to provide this food. May God use this book to reveal to a new generation of men and women how greater it is than all of its gifts. »
–Victor Chininin

“Few books have had such a profound impact on my life as Fasting: nourishing our hunger for God through fasting and prayer . As I tried to understand how God could use fasting in my life, I was overwhelmed by a sense of need for Christ, an eagerness to live in heaven, and a deep urge to bring the light of Jesus to the world. Bible in hand, John Piper clearly presents God's purpose and vision for fasting: We fast for the joy of our soul and for the glory of his name. This book has taught me to cherish the giver rather than the gifts he gives us. »
–Octavio Sánchez

“In our Western societies, I believe that the main challenge of fasting lies in its counter-culturality. To deprive ourselves of something in our environment of consumerism and abundance is something almost "unthinkable". Faced with the strong influence of our earthly culture, we have a real battle to wage: that of having an authentic fast as described by John Piper in this book. This book has allowed me to place fasting in a much broader perspective and the issues of which have dizzying spiritual significance. At the same time, it has become simpler and more intentional: fasting does not manifest our faith, it contributes to our faith. It does not manifest an ability to deprive ourselves, but strengthens our desire to be more nourished by God. It is certainly unpleasant to our body, but allows us to fight against our Flesh. It is not offered to God, it is a gift from God. »
–Samuel Laurent, psychologist and biblical counselor

“When Jesus teaches the crowds on the mountain, he touches on different spiritual disciplines. When it comes to fasting, he doesn't say "If you fast ..." but "When you fast ..."! In this book, John Piper manages to inspire his readers to practice fasting without making them feel guilty but by motivating them to practice good spiritual habits for good reasons. As usual, he puts forward the supreme goal not only of fasting but of the whole Christian life: to do everything for the glory of God! By doing so, the fast escapes the trap of being "bargaining" between two parties to become a source of fulfillment and contentment in an ever-renewed intimacy with the sovereign God. "
–Mike Evans, President of Gospel 21

Table of contents

Preface by Francis Chan and David Platt
Introduction: Nostalgic for God

A new fast for a new wine

Fasting, a feast in the desert

The fast of Jesus, radically turned towards God

Are we really looking forward to him coming back?

A call to discernment and desire

For another fast, in favor of the poorest

Abortion and the sovereignty of God in the face of false worldviews

Why does God reward fasting?

Appendix: Citations and experiences
Biblical references index
People index


Original title : Hunger for God: Desiring God through Fasting and Prayer
Author : John Piper
Publisher : BLF Éditions
Publication : June 2019
ISBN : 978-2-36249-433-8
Pages : 272

Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 312 g

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