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<transcy>Just By Believing (Justifiés par la foi)</transcy>

Frank Allred
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How can I be right with God? This is a question that faces every human being on this earth.

It is fundamental because, on the one hand, God is completely pure and holy, and, on the other hand, because man is guilty of rebelling against this great God. There is separation, and as every man must one day face the perfect righteousness of God, our question is of the utmost importance.

We give him an almost infinite range of answers, but it is clear to the cacophony of these human opinions that ignorance and confusion often animate them.

This book comes down to the only answer which has the least value and which at the same time contains a great clarity: the answer of God in his Word, the Bible. And that's good news! What man does not know and cannot find, God has provided in his grace in Jesus Christ!

As confusion is so widespread today in so-called Christian circles, the author uncovers false and vain hopes. It explores what it is like to have genuine faith, saving faith, faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. It shows that this salvation in Christ is the heart of God’s plan throughout history. The gospel is the way to the freedom of Christ and to a life that reflects the righteousness of God.

He answers many other questions: Why can't God accept me based on my efforts? Was this not the case in the Old Testament? Are the apostle Paul and James in conflict in their presentations of the faith?

A simple and clear book that draws its content from a comprehensive examination of the Bible and the treasury of a long and rich pastoral experience.

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Frank Allred - Born in England in the first quarter of the twentieth century, he served in his country’s army during World War II. After working for several years in the private sector, he received theological and pastoral training in the Church of England and then served in several churches in the center of the country. He is now using his retirement to publish books, some of which have appeared in French.

Table of contents

1. Face the Truth
2. The man's problem
3. The law written in the heart ...
4. The Written Law of God
5. The universal justice of God
6. Faith That Saves Confidence
7. Saving Faith Appeals to Intelligence
8. Saving Faith Justifies
9. The Faith of Our Father Abraham
10. False Faith
11. A Dead Faith
12. Good works
13. Perfect freedom
14. The Covenant of God
15. Examine Yourself


Original title : Just By Believing
Author : Frank Allred
Publisher : Edition Europresse
Publication : September 2020
ISBN : 978-2-914562-63-8
Pages : 201
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 248 g