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The Darby Bible and Its History (eBook) (La Bible Darby et son histoire (eBook))

by Impact
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JOHN NELSON DARBY has personally translated the Bible into German, French and English. Marion Field, one of Darby's biographers, mentions that Darby's epitaph reads: "John Nelson Darby, both unknown and well known." This applies admirably to his translation work. To some today, Darby is only the founder of a movement known as the Plymouth Brethren, a person whose name evokes nothing but severity, division, separation and dissent. Sadly, the idea that it does doesn’t do justice to the man he was; we forget his itinerant pastoral ministry as well as all his letters of encouragement, and above all his enormous contribution to the fields of translation and Bible study. This is why this book seeks to establish the historical facts surrounding his translation work, as well as the purposes and principles behind it.


Gilles Despins exercises a teaching ministry within the Assemblies of Brothers across the Francophonie. He holds a doctorate in divinity from Tyndale Theological Seminary, a doctorate in New Testament philosophy from South African Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in ministry from Masters Seminary. In 2009, he was recommended to work full time to serve the Lord as academic dean and professor of the ProFAC Theological School, which offers training programs in Quebec, Haiti, and in some French-speaking countries of 'Africa.

“This book is a testament to the awesome intelligence God gave to John Nelson Darby. The latter had not only an extraordinary spirit, but also a deep love for the God of the Scriptures. Gilles Despins did an excellent job of research, and we badly needed a book like this. It will be especially popular with anyone interested in learning more about Darby and his translation ministry. »
- Alexander Strauch, Elder, Littleton Bible Chapel, Colorado

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. The History of Darby's Translation Work
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Darby's Dissatisfaction with the Bible Translations of His Day
2.3 Darby's Collaborators on the Translation
2.4 The History of the Translations of the Bible made by Darby
2.5 Conclusion
3. The Objectives of Darby's Translation Work
4. The Principles Underpinning Darby's Translation Work
4.1 Introduction
4.2 His Understanding of the Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration
4.3 Darby's Critical View of Other Biblical Translations
4.4 Darby's Translation Principles
4.5 Darby's Translation Dynamics and Methods
4.6 Conclusion
5. The Greek Text Used by Darby
5.1 Introduction
5.2 His Knowledge of the Original Languages ​​of the Bible
5.3 Darby Abandons the Received Text
5.4 Darby's Interaction with Manuscripts and Other Sources


Author : Gilles Despins
Publisher: Impact
Publication : July 2019
ISBN : 978 -2-89082-380-8
Pages : 210
Format : eBook

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