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<transcy>Good News of Great Joy (eBook)  (La Bonne Nouvelle d'une grande joie - 25 méditations quotidiennes pour l'Avent (eBook))</transcy>

John Piper
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Available: October 5, 2021

The days leading up to Christmas are marked by a time of reflection and eager anticipation as Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the coming of their Savior. In The Good News of Great Joy , John Piper invites readers to refocus their hearts on Jesus during the Advent season. Each of the 25 Daily Meditations featured in this book highlights a passage from the Bible and offers a short reflection to fuel our personal or family worship. This book is an excellent tool to bring us to contemplate the magnificence of the promise of salvation through the birth of Jesus Christ.

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John Piper is the founder of the Desiring God ministry. For over 30 years, he was the pastor of a Baptist Church in Minneapolis, United States. He has now retired and is devoting himself to a larger ministry. He is the author of numerous works, including God is the Gospel , What if I do not desire God ?, Worship and preaching and Shaped by God .


"These little daily Advent meditations, handwritten by John Piper, are short, but they contain the depth and richness of thought for which the author is now known. With joyful reverence, he guides us into the shrine of the Incarnation. As we linger at the source, in Bethlehem where the Son was born to us, we are prompted to become all the more aware of the torrents of love springing from his broken body at Calvary. If you want this Christmas season to be spiritually enriched, season it with thoughts from this book! »
–Conrad Mbewe, pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

"The Good News of great joy allows us to rediscover the glory of Christmas with new freshness. What a relief for busy people like us to sit down for ten minutes each day during the Advent season to reflect on Jesus, our Savior - and rest, rejoice, and relive! »
–Ray Ortlund, pastor for pastors, Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee

"How can you live the Advent season so that it benefits your soul after December 25? By admiring and taking pleasure in the glory of God manifested in the incarnate Christ, your Savior, your Lord, your brother, your friend. John Piper's Joyful Good News leads you to discover the good news of Christmas, inviting you to join him in wonder, contemplation, and joy that transcends the euphoria of the holidays. This book is about eternal joy, and Piper shows you the way to him, Jesus Christ. »
–J. A. Medders, author, Humble Calvinism; pastor, Risen Church, Houston, Texas

“What a treasure chest of truths about Jesus! In these short and poignant meditations, John Piper leads us to constantly look up to see Christmas in the right way, that is, as the Good News of great joy to you and to me. This book is an invitation to know the incarnate Son, sent from the Father by the power of the Spirit.
–Abigail Dodds, author, (A) Typical Woman: Free, Whole, and Called in Christ

Table of contents

Introduction: What does Jesus want this Christmas?

Day 1 Prepare the way (Luke 1.16,17)
Day 2 The wonderful God of Mary (Luke 1.46-55)
Day 3 The long-awaited visit (Luke 1.68-71)
Day 4 For the little ones of God (Luke 2.1-5)
Day 5 No detour on the road to Calvary (Luke 2.6,7)
Day 6 Peace to those in whom he takes pleasure (Luke 2.12-14) < br> Day 7 A Messiah for the Magi (Matthew 2.1,2)
Day 8 The supernatural star of Bethlehem (Matthew 2.2)
Day 9 The two types of opposition to Jesus (Matthew 2.3)
Day 10 Gold, frankincense and myrrh (Matthew 2.10,11)
Day 11 The reason for the coming of Jesus (Hebrews 2.14,15)
Day 12 Replace the shadows (Hebrews 8.1,2)
Day 13 The final reality has arrived (Hebrews 8,1,2,5)
Day 14 Make it real for his people (Hebrews 8,6)
Day 15 Life and death at Christmas (John 10.10)
Day 16 God's most successful reverse (Philippians 2.9-11)
Day 17 The greatest salvation imaginable (Jeremiah 31.31)
Day 18 The Christmas model for the mission (John 17.18)
Day 19 Christmas sets free (Hebrews 2.14,15)
Day 20 The strike of Christmas (1 John 3.8)
Day 21 The birth of the Ancient of Days (John 18.37)
Day 22 So that you may believe (John 20.30,31)
Day 23 The indescribable gift of God (Romans 5.10,11)
Day 24 The two purposes of Christmas (1 John 3.7,8)
Day 25 Three Christmas presents (1 John 2.1,2; 3.7.8)

Conclusion: My favorite Bible passage at Christmas
Appendix: Shadows of the Elder
Testament and the coming of Christ


Original title : Good News of Great Joy
Author : John Piper
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication : October 2021
ISBN : 978-2-925131-10-6
Pages : 165
Dimensions : 5 "x 7"
Format : paperback

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