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<transcy>Creation Found (eBook) (La création retrouvée (eBook))</transcy>

Edward T. Welch
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There is considerable pressure on Christians to restrict their authority over the scriptures to the realms of church, theology, and private morality. This pressure is itself the product of a secular worldview, and it must be combated by Christians through the scriptures. To this end, Albert Wolters clearly articulates the content of a biblical worldview as well as its meaning for our lives. He calls on believers to participate in the redemption of creation in Christ.

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Albert M. Wolters is Professor Emeritus of Bible Studies and Worldview at Redeemer University College. He is an expert on the Old Testament, lexicography, hermeneutics and worldview.


" The Creation Found is a work of capital importance for the Christian who seeks to live in the world for the glory of God, knowing that he does not is not in the world. Albert Wolters skillfully traces the contours of the Christian worldview in a way that cannot leave the reader indifferent to his cultural responsibilities as a creature of God. I hope this book will help reform the minds of many disciples of Jesus, as it did my mind, to better understand God's plan for this battered world. May he move us all to be the agents of redemption that God calls us to become by the power of his Spirit. "
- ALEX FARLEY, professor of apologetics, Baptist Evangelical Seminary of Quebec

“This book is fundamental because it highlights the biblical foundations of a Christian worldview. Its author is uniquely qualified to explain how the theme creation-fall-redemption is the cornerstone on which our faith and our life are based. "
- WILLIAM EDGAR, professor of apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary

“At once short, clear and deeply rooted in the Word of God, this summary of the biblical view of creation, fall and redemption is one of the best presentations on the subject today. This work will encourage all Christians to live their faith fully in the world that God created, and that it leads to its glorious restoration. "
- YANNICK IMBERT , professor of apologetics and Church history, Faculty Jean Calvin

Table of contents

Preface to the second edition
1. What is a worldview?
2. The creation
3. The fall
4. Redemption
5. Discerning structure and direction
The vision of the world: between story and mission


Original title : Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview
: Impact Académia
Author : Albert M. Wolters
ISBN (.mobi) : 978-2-924743-06-5
Pages : 186
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''

Customer Reviews

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Normande Carrier
La création retrouvée.

Très bon livre pour ceux qui s’intéresse à l’apologie. C’est un sujet complexe, mais expliquer clairement. Pour les sujets abstrait, l’auteur donne une illustration concrète. 4 étoiles.