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<transcy>The making of a leader (La croissance du leader)</transcy>

Robert Clinton
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What does it mean to be a leader? How do you become the leader God wants you to be?

The Church faces an urgent need to see a generation of spiritual leaders rise up, leaders who have received the gift of God and who respond to his call. After examining the lives of hundreds of biblical, historical and contemporary leaders, Robert Clinton also recognizes that God uses certain processes to develop leaders.

The author identifies six stages present in the process of developing a leader. By studying these six stages, you will be able to:
• Become aware of what God is already working in you;
• Recognize where you are in this development process;
• Identify potential leaders in your environment ;
• Support the development of future leaders.

This work is intended for all those who exert an influence on a group of people in order to direct them towards God. Whether you are professional or not, God is at work in your life to make you a leader after His heart.

Each chapter ends with a section that will help you implement the principles discussed.

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Robert Clinton is a research professor at Fuller Seminary in the United States. He focuses on modeling and teaching leadership concepts. He is also the mentor of several emerging leaders.

Table of contents

Preface to the revised edition

Introduction - Who may need these lessons?
1. Letter to Dan, the intern
2. The basis of the lessons: an overview
3. Founding lessons: The processes of Personal Growth
4. Following Lessons: The Maturing Processes of Ministry - Part I
5. Following Lessons: The Processes of Ministry Maturing - Part II
6. Ongoing Lessons: Guidance, Leadership and Others multi-phase processes
7. Deepening of lessons: life maturation process
8. Integrating life lessons: towards a philosophy of ministry
9. Accepting life lessons: the challenge of leadership
Annex 1 - Observations on the selection of leadership
Annex 2 - List of documents on the philosophy of the ministry
Annex 3 - List of documents on how to "finish well"
Annex 4 - Three articles on how to "finish well"

About the Author
Index of Biblical References


Original title : The making of a leader
Author : Robert Clinton
 Publisher : BLF Éditions

 ISBN : 9782362494185
Publication : April 2018
Pages : 316
Format : paperback
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