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<transcy>Hitler's Cross (La croix d'Hitler)</transcy>

Erwin W. Lutzer
by CLÉ
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How the cross of Christ was used as a symbol by the Nazis. Revelations

Six million Jews exterminated. The barbarism of the 3rd Reich is a page in history which continues to leave us perplexed. Of course everyone knows the extraordinary power that allowed Adolf Hitler to hypnotize an entire nation. But one question remains unanswered: Where was the Church of Christ? Seduced by the satanic majesty of the Führer, Church leaders gave the swastika pride of place in their churches alongside the Christian cross. Nationalist pride took precedence over God's call to purity, and, except in exceptional cases, the Church looked away when Adolf Hitler applied "the final solution" to his anti-Semitism.

How did this happen?

In his book Hitler's Cross , Erwin Lutzer offers a list of the lessons that can be drawn from the study of the operation of seduction of which the Church was the consenting victim:

  • The dangers of confusion between State and Church
  • How the Church forgot its goals
  • The role of God in the tragedies of humanity
  • The parameters of Satan's freedom
  • The truth behind Hitler's hatred of Jews
  • The faithfulness of God to those who suffer for Him
  • Comparisons between Hitler's advent and the coming reign of Antichrist

Hitler's Cross tells the story of a nation whose Church forgot its original vocation, and too late discovered its failure.
Preface by Ravi Zacharias. Includes surprising period photos.


Erwin W. Lutzer (Th. M., Dallas Theological Seminary, EU, MA, Loyola University, EU, LLD, Simon Greenleaf School of Law), is pastor of Moody's Church in Chicago, EU
He is the author of many books, in particular the bestseller A Minute After Death . He is married and has three children.


Original title: Hitler's Cross
Release : 2003
Pages : 256
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback

ISBN: 2-906090-53-0

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