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<transcy>The cross in four words (La croix en quatre mots)</transcy>

Kevin DeYoung
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Liberty + forgiveness + justice + meaning

Whatever we aspire to, the cross offers us! With the resurrection, it is the great turning point in all of history and in our lives. Over the years, however, we become less sensitive to it.

This book explores key passages from the Old and New Testaments to sum up the triumph of the cross in four words: freedom, forgiveness, justice and meaning. The modern and dynamic illustrations will immerse you in the wonderful implications of the cross for your personal and church life.


- An extraordinarily new and judicious treatment of the cross by three theologians.
- A small format with clear explanations, to meditate in the Church 4 facets of the cross, around Easter.
- Allows you to develop a clear communication of the cross around you.

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Kevin DeYoung is the pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, USA. He teaches systematic theology at the Reformed Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous books, including Believe God in Word and The Greatest Story .

Richard Coekin heads the Co-Mission Church Planting Network in London. He is pastor of Dundonald Church in London.

Yannick Christos-Wahab is pastor of the Stockwell Baptist Church (London) and is part of the Co-Mission network.


In The Cross in Four Words , the authors deliver a clear, refreshing and stimulating account of the work of Jesus Christ. From major biblical texts, they resonate in our hearts four words that define our salvation and our new life. An easy-to-read book that reminds us of the beauty of the Gospel and prompts us to share it.
- Vincent Bourrel, pastor of the Baptist Church Toulouse Métropole

This little book leads us to meditate on the privileges that flow from the cross. Let your heart marvel as you realize once again the greatness of what Jesus has accomplished for you! I particularly appreciated the link which is made between the cross and the mission, in the last chapter.
- Benjamin EGGEN, author of Thirst for more? and A life of challenges

The gospel of Jesus Christ will always meet the most basic human needs, freedom, forgiveness, justice. Whatever the culture, or the time, the purpose of our existence finds its full meaning only at the cross. This contemporary meditation on the work of Christ is good for the soul.
- Yanick ETHIER, pastor, president of Sola, Coalition for the Gospel, Canada

Are you intrigued by the cross of Christ? Does your heart need to marvel again? The Cross in Four Words is an excellent work. Short and easy to read, this book will immerse you in the heart of the mystery of God's reconciling love.
- Tim CHESTER, Pastor of Grace Church (Boroughbridge, UK), Crosslands Training faculty member , author of The Church in Daily Life

This little book invites us to look at what is at the very heart of the Christian faith: the death of Jesus on the cross, its meaning and its significance for each of us. The speakers' approach, pedagogical and concise, is particularly suited to those who are taking their first steps in the Christian faith. But these four chapters are also good for the established Christian reader, by refocusing him on the essential: the work of Christ and the new life it implies for each of us.
- Matthieu SANDERS, pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Paris-Center

This is a really useful book and I will distribute it widely. I read it straight through, taking lots of notes.
- Alistair BEGG, author, pastor of Parkside Church (Ohio, USA)

"Tell me the story again!" What a magnificent reminder, and accessible to those who do not yet know Christ, of the heart of the glorious gospel - of redemption, propitiation and justification.
- James HELY HUTCHINSON, director of the Biblical Institute of Brussels

We lose our joy when we forget the cross or fail to realize that we absolutely need his work of reconciliation. The Cross in four words redirects our gaze to “Christ crucified”. This book reminds us of the love that carried our sin so that we can experience true freedom, forgiveness, righteousness and recognize the meaning it gives to our lives. This very useful book will renew your heart and mind as you rediscover the wonders of such a great salvation.
- Melissa KRUGER, author, director of content at The Gospel Coalition, Author of whatever you do, i want you to know (BLF, 2021)

This remarkable little book is both deeply biblical and intensely concrete, easy to read, heartwarming and stimulating. I recognize there the ministries of the authors. They deliver a clear explanation of the cross. They faithfully define the mission and give precise applications, each one embellished with new illustrations, very well chosen. This little book is excellent. It deserves to be bought in several copies and offered to all Christians, young converts or long-time disciples. I liked it very much and it was very useful to me. He urged me to praise God, once again, for the cross of Christ!
- Trevor JOHNSTON, Rector, All Saints Church in Belfast (UK), President of the Irish Men's Convention [ Irish Men's Convention]

Each of the four words chosen by the authors (freedom, forgiveness, justice, meaning) evokes a fundamental stage in what the cross represents in the Christian faith. With a dynamic style and well-chosen illustrations, four exhortations encourage us and end with a series of questions to ponder, in order to concretely appropriate each of the topic-chapters. This book should make our hearts tremble with the joy of being set free, make us cry over our erased sin, and make us love the One who justified us without derogating from the perfect righteousness of God. Finally, he wants to encourage us to devote all our strength to living and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
- Fred Bican, pastor of Action Biblique de Grasse, president of Action Biblique France

Table of contents

Introduction (Richard Coekin)

1. Freedom (Kevin DeYoung)
How God Redeems His People
2. Forgiveness (Yannick Christos-Wahab)
How God provides atonement for sin
3. Justice (Kevin DeYoung)
How God just makes the guilty
4. Purpose (Richard Coekin)
How the cross calls us to mission


Original title : The Cross in four words
Authors : Kevin DeYoung, Richard Coekin & Yannick Christos-Wahab
Publisher : BLF Éditions
Publication : March 2021
ISBN : 978-2-36249-588-5
Pages : 120
Dimensions : 12.5 x 18 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 118 g

Customer Reviews

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De très bons mots!

Avec un vocabulaire simple, mais efficace, on nous expose ici le pourquoi (le péché) et le comment (la propitiation et la justification) de la croix. On pourrait croire que tout a déjà été dit sur le sujet, mais nos trois amigos trouvent une façon rafraîchissante de nous servir cette merveilleuse histoire. Par exemple, au sujet de la Loi : « Imaginez que vous preniez un virage en épingle sur le flanc d’une montagne. Vous roulez au bord d’un grand précipice. Si vous voyez une glissière de sécurité entre ce précipice et votre voiture, (...) allez-vous vous dire : “Je déteste ces garde-fous. J’ai horreur qu’on me dicte ma conduite” ? Non, vous penserez plutôt : “Quelle bonne idée ! Je pourrais avoir ici un grave accident, mais heureusement que quelqu’un a pensé à en mettre.” Ces barrières vous protègent en vous aidant à suivre la bonne direction. Elles préservent votre liberté. » (p. 38, 39) Bref, un bon outil de vulgarisation, pour évangéliser et approfondir le sacrifice de Jésus.