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<transcy>Church discipline (La discipline d'église (9Marks) )</transcy>

Jonathan Leeman
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Discipline is essential to building a healthy church. How then should we practice Church discipline?

Jonathan Leeman helps us deal with the endless variety of circumstances and sins for which there is no scripture case study, misconduct that is not on any list and for which a biblical framework is needed, so that we can correct them appropriately and in love.

This is a concise and up-to-date guide that provides theological guidance for understanding and practicing appropriate discipline in the local church. It also includes several real-life examples and the answers to them.


Jonathan Leeman (M. Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is a member of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC He is the author of the book Joining a Church locale and he works as an editorial director for 9Marks Ministries.


"Exercising discipline can be extremely complex. Nevertheless, the spiritual health of the Church depends on it, and it is only through exercising it in accordance with the New Testament framework that its leaders glorify Christ. Leeman offers a very useful theological and practical work for leaders who wish to act according to the Bible with grace, courage, and faithfulness. "
- RAPHAËL CHARRIER, pastor of the Evangelical Christian Church of Grenoble; blogger on

"Having had the opportunity to consult Jonathan Leeman on delicate matters of Church discipline, I have personally benefited from his assistance and the wisdom of his counsel. I am happy to see this book in the hands of French-speaking readers. Every local church is called to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, and church discipline, practiced with listening and with love, is one of its most neglected expressions. Let us return together to Christ's plan for his Church! »
- YANICK ETHIER, pastor, president of SOLA and member of the board of TGC Canada

“Jonathan Leeman takes dirty laundry out of our lives and explains how to wash it. He ventures into the difficult area of ​​pastoral application, which will certainly generate good discussions, but time and time again he has convinced me. This book will definitely help you. Concise and Biblical, wise and practical, this is the book on Church Discipline we have been waiting for. »
- MARK DEVER, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

"Far too few books are published on church discipline that are based on the Bible and that take a pastoral perspective into account. I do not know of any that are so exact in terms of exegesis, relevant from a practical point of view, and filled with real case studies that demonstrate how churches should deal with a wide variety of situations. On top of all this, Jonathan Leeman is succinct and remarkably clear. I highly recommend it ! »
- CRAIG BLOMBERG, Professor Emeritus of the New Testament, Denver Seminary

“This is an excellent theological work that stands out from other books on the subject. Jonathan Leeman demonstrates that church discipline is an essential dimension of the discipleship process and therefore an extension to the preaching of the gospel. He reveals to us that our too narrow focus on the “number of decisions” might actually be what keeps us from leading people to repentance that leads to life. I believe this is a seminal work on church discipline, and our elders are considering using it as a guide. »
- J. D. GREEAR, Senior Pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina

"Redemptive, loving, and courageous discipline is one of the most neglected activities in the Church today. This book offers a clear vision and practical guidelines for this essential aspect of our common life in the body of Christ. I have seen many people being freed from the net of sin in churches that put these principles into practice, and I pray that more and more churches will re-engage in this ministry of restoration. »
- KEN SANDE, President of Peacemaker Ministries

“Jonathan Leeman uses discernment in his study of the contemporary Church. He combines Bible truths and wise counsel in this indispensable book on Church Discipline. If you are afraid to bring this subject up in your church, or are in doubt about how to lovingly correct sinful saints, this book offers the biblical arguments and practical advice you need to get started. It will stimulate your imagination, stir your soul, and illuminate your path. »
- THABITI ANYABWILE, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman; author of What is a Healthy Church Member?

"When you're a church planter, you don't like to think about the possibility of church discipline. Having said that, I will recommend to any implanter I come across to read this book which is at the same time profound, practical and relevant. In speaking of the importance and practice of church discipline, he clearly shows us what a local church is, how important it is to Jesus, and how the reputation of our Lord on earth relates to good practice of Church discipline. »
- PHILIP MOORE, pastor-planter in the Paris region; European Director of Acts 29

"Church discipline is a difficult subject that sometimes evokes bad memories. As a consequence, this important aspect of the life of God's people tends to "go under the carpet." Jonathan Leeman emphasizes that church discipline is motivated by the love of Christ and is carried out to honor the Lord and to carry out the commandment to love one another. The author explains the biblical passages in the light of a
rich pastoral experience to encourage the local Churches and their leaders to reflect and act concretely on this subject. He does not neglect the nuances or subtleties of this delicate matter and offers us a concise and useful manual. »
- FRÉDÉRIC BICAN, pastor, Evangelical Church of Grasse; president of Action Biblique France

"In a spirit of peace and faithfulness to the Word, the author tackles a subject often overlooked in our churches under the guise of" brotherly love. " As Jonathan Leeman aptly puts it, "To refrain from practicing discipline is to say that our way of loving is better than that of God." If your community dissociates love from discipline, this book demonstrates, on the contrary, how biblical discipline works for the good of the believer, the Church and the gospel. »
- LUCIANO BRANCO, pastor, Baptist Church of Toulon

Table of contents

Preface to the series
Preface to the French edition
Foreword - The Gospel in two stages
Introduction - A framework for the discipline

1. The Biblical Foundations of Discipline
2. An Evangelical Framework for Understanding Discipline
3. When Is Discipline Needed?
4. How Should a Church Practice Discipline?
5. How is reinstatement carried out?

6. Adultery
7. The person with an addiction
8. The outlaw who "makes the news"
9. The Broken Reed
10. The absent member
11. The Assiduous Non-Member Who Causes Divisions
12. The member who suddenly resigns
13. The person who declares himself non-believer
14. The member of a family

15. Before Disciplining, Teach
16. Before disciplining, prepare yourself

Conclusion - Are you ready to begin?
Appendix - Some Mistakes Pastors Make in Exercising Church Discipline
Index of biblical references
About the ministry of 9Marks


Original title : Church Discipline
Publisher : Cruciforme
Author : Jonathan Leeman
Publication : September 2018
ISBN : 978-2-924595-44-2
Pages : 190
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 5 "x 7"
Weight : 174 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Excellent livre!


J'ai vraiment apprécié la lecture de cet ouvrage, dans lequel l'auteur encourage l'église à exercer l'autorité qu'elle possède pour discipliner ses membres dans l'amour, en recherchant la repentance du fautif, et selon la parole de Dieu.

Jean-Pierre Laporte
Un bon outils pour aider a comprendre la Parole

Bien fait et simplement expliquer .

Denis Bourrassa
Avis sur la discipline d'église

Bonjour .

Puisque vous demander un avis sur ce livre , enfin , c'est surtout sur le titre . Je trouve que la discipline n'est pas appliquée ni enseignée . Pourtant elle le devrait car certain chrétien(ne) ont une double-vie et cela n'est pas bon pour l'église ni pour Dieu ..

Elle devrait être appliqué dans la mesure où les preuves qu'une personne n'est pas digne ou plus digne d'être appelé frère ou soeur parce qu'il ou elle mène une double-vie et ou a abandonné l'enseignement biblique en quelque sorte . Cependant, on dirait que l'église ( du moins, les responsables ) ne l'appliquent pas car ils ont peur que des gens quittent l'église . Mais en réalité , quand elle est appliqué , c'est là qu'on voit qui adhère à la vérité et qui est superficiel et n'a aucune attache au vrai culte et à ce qui est enseigné .