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<transcy>The divinity of Christ in the face of Islam (La divinité du Christ face à l'islam)</transcy>

Rémi Gomez
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"Jesus is not God! He is only a prophet, the servant of Allah. You are idolaters because you have deified a man made of flesh and blood! "

Islam calls into question the faith Christians have held to be true for two millennia about Jesus and his divinity. Faced with these questions and these current affirmations, Christians are called to always be ready to defend themselves with gentleness and respect with all those who ask them for the reason of the hope that is in them.

This is the aim of this book which finally gives French-speaking readers a set of precise and accessible answers about the divinity of Jesus in dialogue with the Islamic argument.

An essential resource for informing dialogue between Christians and Muslims.


Rémi Gomez is an apologist and pastor of the Lumière des Nations Church in Lyon. He leads interfaith debates and trains Christians in his union of churches to dialogue with Muslims. He co-founded the apologetics platforms and and trains students all over France.


Rémi Gomez dares! He dares to tackle the thickest, most hardened, as if fossilized, misunderstanding of the dialogue between Christians and Muslims, that of the divinity of Jesus Christ - which Muslims call Isa and say "messiah" in a weakened sense. Rémi Gomez's daring stems from his experience: an atheist at the outset, he was seized, defeated and freed, by the word of God; for years he has had extensive exchanges with believers and scholars of the Islamic faith. He himself shows himself to be a good connoisseur of the Koran and its tradition, as well as of the Bible, which he quotes with great competence. It combines the courtesy of a respectful friend with the straightforward righteousness that also expresses friendship. His example, which avoids any compromise, should finally advance mutual understanding: read it and follow it!
- Henri BLOCHER. Evangelical theologian, professor of theology, especially in Christology (FLTE of Vaux-sur-Seine, Wheaton College in the United States). Author in particular of The Doctrine of Christ and The Evil and the Cross.

A well informed, useful, solid book. The author makes available to all his field experience of Islamic-Christian dialogue, as well as a good knowledge of the Christian faith and of Islam.
​​- Alain NISUS Graduated in philosophy and theology (FLTE, doctorate from the Catholic Institute of Paris). Pastor, professor of dogmatics (FLTE). Contributor in the Dictionary of Practical Theology, dir. edits. from For a Reflected Faith.

A former rugby player, Rémi knows how to fight and how to avoid traps. With a spiritual field experience, Rémi, a former atheist flirting with Islam, was not afraid to "mingle" with the Muslim community from which he learns a lot! His love of truth and compassion for Muslims prompts him to expose the paradoxes and conjectures of Islam. He opts for an offensive style, dismantling the opponent's attacks point by point. Rémi delivers a fight to the point where the light of truth triumphs. Béni-oui-oui abstain, this book is a real theological event.
- Joël THIBAULT International chaplain for sportsmen, accredited in world sports competitions (Rio 2016, London 2017, etc.). Graduated in religion and secularism and participant of the inter-religious debate platform Apologia.


Author : Rémi Gomez
Publisher : BLF Éditions
ISBN : 9782362495007
Publication : September 2020
Pages : 381
Dimensions : 15 x 22.5 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 496 g

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Marj Robbins
Très bon

Je trouve que l'auteur a bien fait son travail. Le ton est respectueux. En même temps il dit les choses clairement.
Pour le moment je ne peux pas lire beaucoup. Je me suis rendue à la page 58 et ensuite j'ai subi une opération pour cataracte qui n'a pas bien réussi. Je dois attendre pour voir ce qu'on pourra faire pour moi.