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<transcy>The Hole in Our Holiness (Study Guide) (la faille dans notre sainteté (Guide d'étude))</transcy>

Kevin DeYoung
by Impact
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(PDF format)

What does it mean to be a saint? Why should we care? How can we change?

The flaw that is exposed in this book is that we care too little about holiness or that we do not understand it enough to give it the place it should have in our life. Too many Christians today seem to overlook this problem, and this is of great concern.

In this little book, Kevin DeYoung reminds us of the Word's many exhortations to seek holiness. He points to an unpopular but liberating truth: God is holy and he wants us to be too. Without pressure or any kind of legalism, the author presents us with a balanced vision of law and grace. By showing the beauty and power of our holiness, it conveys to the reader not only the desire to be holy, but also the hope of becoming one.

* This free study guide in PDF format will help you explore the subject in depth in groups or on your own. Easy to print, use it to liven up your discussions.