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Alive in Christ (La force est en Christ)

Stuart Olyott
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When the apostle Paul set about writing a letter to the Christians of Ephesus, then when he sent it to them, he had just enriched the whole Church of Christ, not only in his generation, but since then until today.

Like the Epistle to the Romans, the Epistle to the Ephesians holds a special place in the hearts of believers. Romans offers a masterful exposition of the divine plan of redemption. She often challenges the most capable minds. Ephesians, on the other hand, sinks deep into the heart of salvation. She is like a beating heart, perhaps because Paul knew her recipients, and had seen some coming to Christ.

It focuses here on all the wealth of blessing that is available to the Christian. His heart burns with communicative adoration for the God who is so intimately involved with his people. His letter is a mirror where the believer discovers more of the new creature that he is in Christ.

Pastor Olyott accompanies his reader with his usual clarity and simplicity. He brings out the salient points of the biblical message and applies them to the concrete of life so that his brothers and sisters are truly the salt of the earth. It shows how much strength Christ contains to live the Christian life in a complex and threatening world. Pages that will strengthen the inner man of the believer to glorify his Savior.


Stuart Olyott - After serving many years as a pastor, in Liverpool and then in Lausanne, he served as pastoral director of the Evangelical Movement of Wales. He also taught at Bryntirion, the Welsh Evangelical Theological College before going on a very active retreat. He is the author of numerous books, many of which have been translated into French.

Table of contents

1 Why Study Ephesians? (1: 1-6)
2 All spiritual blessings! (1: 3-14)
3 Three questions - and ten objections (1: 3-14)
4 Paul's prayer (1: 15-23)
5 Once dead - now alive (2 : 1-10)
6 Once separated - now reunited (2: 11-22)
7 Paul speaks for himself (3: 1-13)
8 Repeated prayer (3: 14- 21)
9 The unity of the Church (4: 1-16)
10 The Christian life I (4: 17-32)
11 The Christian life II (5: 1-21)
12 Christian life at home (5: 22-6: 9)
13 Besides… (6: 10-24)


Original title : Alive in Christ
Author : Stuart Olyott
Publisher : Europresse
​​ISBN : 978-2-914562-03-4
Publication : 2001
Pages : 167
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 160 g

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