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<transcy>The New Park Street Pulpit and The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit (La grâce aux 1000 facettes)</transcy>

Charles Spurgeon
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All around the world and in all cultures, there are people of various languages ​​who enjoy reading the sermons of Charles Spurgeon. Where does this phenomenon come from? Whoever sits at these "gospel banquets" and tastes them no longer asks this question. He experienced the immense attraction that these sermons exert on a great multitude of souls. Such a man feasts on succulent dishes prepared with skill.

Spurgeon provides solid food, strong doctrine, but he never forgets that above all, the gospel of grace brings salvation to the lost sinner. Bold, resolutely, but warmly, he proclaims the Lamb of God, elected from before the foundation of the world for the salvation of everyone who believes.

When he dives into the depths of divine counsel, it is to bring out Christ! When he stretches out, as if breaking, in vibrant appeals of compassion, it is because he is presenting Christ. There is no other Savior because in him divine grace shines with all its facets!


Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) - A famous Baptist minister in the 19th century, he preached to large crowds for nearly 40 years. He founded many works in a wide range of fields. He is also the author of many books and in particular several collections of daily meditations: The morning appointments, In the evening calm, The treasures of faith, Streams of water for my souls, The booty of King (on the Psalms).

Table of contents

1. Why I Believe in Sovereign Grace
2. Down with cartoons!
3. The Absolute Sovereign - Matthew 20:15
4. An infallible purpose - Job 23:13
5. God saves only by grace - 2 Timothy 1: 9
6. Species of incompetents! - John 6:44
7. Sovereign divine election - 2 Thessalonians 2: 13,14
8. Election manifestations - 1 Thessalonians 1: 4-6
9. The free grace of God - Ezekiel 36:32
10. The providence of God - Matthew 10:30
11. Grace before conversion - Galatians 1:15
12. A perfect atonement - Matthew 20:28
13. Abundant redemption - Psalm 130: 9
14. The unswerving call - Genesis 12: 5
15. The elect will never perish - Job 17: 9
16. Grace does not lead to sin - Romans 6: 14,15


Sermons from : The New Park Street Pulpit and The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
Author : Charles Spurgeon
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 237
Weight : 292 g
Publication : 2017
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
ISBN : 978-2-914562-87-4
Format : paperback

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