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<transcy>Transforming Grace (La grâce de Dieu, c'est pour la vie !)</transcy>

Jerry Bridges
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A life of freedom lived under the unalterable love of God

Don't you find it bizarre how the superabundant wealth of God's grace suddenly seems to dry up the moment you are we saved? The new Christian then tends to base his relationship with his Savior on the basis of his successes or failures in the face of the demands of God's law, rather than on the latter's lavish grace. And he does not lack efforts and advice from other Christians to consolidate him in this way.

Of course, God continues to deal with His own on the basis of His grace in Jesus Christ alone, whether the believer understands it or not. However, by not understanding the astonishing and absolute nature of grace, and by following another path in the concrete of life, the true believer deprives himself of an abundance of freedoms which comes from not having to attain such or such level. Every moment of life in Christ relies on the grace of God alone, from conversion to entry into eternal glory.

This area is sort of fallow in Christian circles today, and too many people experience the freedom of grace so little because they live under the tyranny of results.

This book is a source of inspiration and renewal. It shows precisely how inexhaustible and generous the grace of God in Jesus Christ is in reality. You can never ask for or hope for too much; no need ever exceeds it, nor our sins. The overabundance of God's grace is truly beyond measure. This may elicit an immediate reaction of fear, but it fills the heart and life with divine fullness.

The author addresses several questions that confuse many people: Who needs grace? Can we sin with impunity since grace abounds? Does grace free me from the law, and in what sense? etc


Jerry Bridges (1929-2016) - Coming from a poor family, he enlisted in the American Navy to be able to pay for his studies, then, subsequently, in an organization present on the university campuses in many countries. A renowned author and lecturer, for nearly twenty years he published a large number of books, some of which have become bestsellers. Several of his titles have been translated into French, including "Can I Trust Him?" even in my trials "and" The Gospel for the week ", both published by Europresse.

Table of contents

1. The Tyranny of Results
2. Grace ? What for?
3. Grace, truly amazing!
4. The generous master
5. Does God Have the Right?
6. Urged by the Love of Christ
7. Proof of Love
8. Holiness: gift of divine grace
9. Called to freedom
10. Sufficient Grace
11. The least of all saints
12. Seize the Grace of God
13. The garments of grace


Original title : Transforming Grace
Author : Jerry Bridges
Publisher: Europresse
ISBN : 978-2-914562-85-0
Pages : 239
Weight : 296 g.
Legal deposit : 2016
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback

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