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<transcy>Free in Christ (La liberté est en Christ) </transcy>

Edgar Andrews
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Rooted in the great fundamental and revolutionary theme of freedom that exists in Christ, the Epistle to the Galatians is of great importance to the modern Church and to a biblical understanding of the message of salvation. In particular, it examines the whole dimension of the new covenant which is “in Christ”.

This major epistle of the apostle Paul answers the deep questions of man: "How to find true happiness?" ; "How to know peace and be free from fear?" ; “What is the place of the law in the life and faith of the believer?”

It shows how, by faith in Christ, the believer is delivered from the condemnation of the law and from the power of sin. Through his perfect life, atoning death, and triumphant resurrection, Christ has acquired this freedom for him, and the Holy Spirit communicates it to him in regeneration, union with Christ, and adoption of the Father.

Wonderful truths! But Paul goes further. It explores the practical and lived dimensions of the work of the Spirit in the believer. If the latter is free, it is also transformed ("a new creation", says the Bible). The apostle reviews the wonderful privileges that are "in Christ", and the radically new way in which the life of God in the soul of man responds to them.

A clear but deep book, eminently biblical, capable of strengthening anyone who wants to take God at His Word. The chapters are kept short for easy reading in an often busy life.


Edgar Andrews - He was Dean of Queen Mary College and Chair of Solid State Physics at the University of London. He is also an authority on the science of large molecules. He has lectured at universities around the world and debated with Richard Dawkins. He has served as an international consultant to several world famous companies, such as the Dow Chemical Company (USA), Neste Oil (Finland), Denbyware (England). He has also served as a scientific expert with the Supreme Court of Great Britain, the USA and Canada. He has published over 100 scientific essays and books, as well as several works, some of which have become classics of Christian literature.

Table of contents

Part One: The Gospel of Grace
1. The Gospel of Christ (1: 1-5)
2. Perversion of the Gospel (1: 6-9)
3. Receiving the Gospel (1: 10-12)
4. Proclaiming the Gospel (1: 13-24)
5. Sharing the Gospel (2: 1-2)
6. Threat to the Gospel (2: 3-5)
7. The Gospel to non-Jews (2: 6-10)
8. The defense of the Gospel (2: 11-14)
Part two: The nature and necessity of faith
9. The works of the law (2: 15-16)
10. Justification by faith (2:16)
11. The dismantling of the law (2: 17-18)
12. Union with Christ (2: 19-21)
13. Listening to faith (3: 1-5)
14. Abraham's faith (3: 6-9)
15. The curse of the law (3: 10-12)
16. The promise of the Spirit (3: 13-14)
17. The covenant of God in Christ (3: 15-18)
18. The purpose of the law (3: 19-25)
19. All one in Christ Jesus (3: 26-29)
Third part: The Spirit and the believer
20. Heriti ers of God through Christ (4: 1-7)
21. The concern of the apostle (4: 8-11)
22. The supplication of the apostle (4: 12-20)
23. The two covenants (4: 21-24)
24. The two Jerusalem (4: 25-31)
25. Freedom is in Christ (5: 1-6)
26. False teachers (5: 7-12)
27. Love fulfills the law (5: 13-15)
28. Led by the Spirit (5: 16-21)
29. Walking in the Spirit (5: 22-26)
30. The spirit of meekness (6: 1-5)
31. Sowing for the Spirit (6: 6-10)
32 Glory in the cross (6: 11-18)


Original title : Free in Christ
Author : Edgar Andrews
Publisher : Europresse
​​Publication : June 2018
ISBN : 978-2-914562-94-2
Pages : 351
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 412 g

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