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Andy Johnson
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While most Christians will never go on a foreign mission, the Bible engages every believer and every local church in world missionary work. The local church is the engine of the mission. But where to start?

Churches do not need to set up a complex missionary program. Rather, they need to be guided by the Bible and the wisdom of God. This book draws on the scriptures and offers practical steps to train and support missionaries, create international partnerships, plan short-term missions, and reach people of all nations both at home and abroad. 

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ANDY JOHNSON (Ph. D., Texas A&M) is Associate Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.


"I would love to be able to have this book read to a number of pastors, elders, or 'missionary committee' leaders that I meet in my mission mobilization ministry. I like the clear, biblical view of the role and responsibility of the local church in world mission. »
–PHILIPPE HUTTER, mobilization officer, SIM France-Belgium

“This book is very easy to read. It is concise, precise and complete. It gives a true biblical overview of the mission. I appreciate how Andy Johnson puts the local church back where it should be in the missionary process and accompaniment. Being a missionary myself, I totally recognized myself in the different examples he gives. I really encourage church leaders in the Francophonie to read this book. "
–BENJAMIN SHORT, missionary with SIM France ‑ Belgium in West Africa; member of the Acts 29


"This book is welcome for French-speaking readers who are sorely lacking today on the often neglected subject of the fundamental role of the local Church in transcultural mission. This very accessible little book, both grounded in the Word of God and deeply practical, reflects the experience, wisdom and pastoral sensitivity of Andy Johnson. Quantity of very concrete reflections help us to mark the ground; they include the identification, training, sending and support of missionaries, the characteristics of a healthy partnership between the local church and the missionary, and relevant thinking about short-term travel. An excellent book to assess our theology and our mission practice that all church leaders should read and from which all Christians could benefit. I hope with all my heart that it will help to generate a new missionary momentum in our churches in French-speaking Europe for the sole glory of God. "
–PIERRE KLIPFEL, director emeritus of the Biblical Institute of Geneva, responsible for cross-cultural trainees and teacher in the framework of decentralized training in French-speaking Africa for nearly 25 years

“Placing the Church at the Center of Global Mission While Placing Global Mission at the Center of the Church: This is the achievement that Andy Johnson accomplished in this clear and relevant work for the Church today, everywhere in the world ! "
–GILLES BONVALLAT, missionary and director of AIM International in Francophonie

“One of the greatest challenges in teaching cross-cultural missiology is to deconstruct prejudices about mission and to provide a solid biblical foundation. Andy Johnson achieves this successfully, placing the Word at the heart of his presentation and the Church at the center of the process. He thus shows that the local Church, animated by the Holy Spirit, constitutes a missionary community, each individual then becoming a potential actor in the mission. The author sheds light on the local Church both as a mission laboratory in its own locality, a nursery for transcultural missionaries and a springboard for mission to the nations. »
–THIERRY MIRONNE, Director of Holistic Ministries, Encompass World Partners

"" The mission exists because worship doesn't exist. " I remember the first time I read this sentence in the book May the Nations Rejoice! by John Piper. This book kindled a blazing fire in my soul that led me to missionary work. However, I still did not understand the essential role of the local church regarding mission. In this book, Andy Johnson fills the void that Piper left in his book. It lays the foundation for a vision of mission that aligns with that of John Piper, and it shows us how the local church is at the center of God’s plan to reach the nations. Anyone who is considering sending missionaries or who wishes to go on a mission should read this book. »
–DANIEL HENDERSON, missionary in Quebec since 2009; strategic director at Christian Publications; resource and conference development coordinator, ELEAF, Niamey, Niger

“In this book, the author shows how mission is the work of the entire local church, and not just some devotees. It reminds us of both the privilege and the responsibility we have to share in the progress of the gospel in the world, while showing how to do so. This book will be of great help to our local French-speaking Churches, so that they have a lasting impact on the nations. »
–BENJAMIN EGGEN, former coordinator of the blog La Rébellution; author of Thirst for more? ; co-author of the book A life of challenges

“There is no doubt that a healthy church is a church that is dedicated to mission. Whether still in implantation or already well established, it should have this dimension in its DNA. Andy Johnson's book is a real guide to achieving this. Using relevant examples in the scriptures, it clarifies the terms of the missionary mandate and the responsibilities of the local church. "
–VINCENT BOURREL, pastor of the Toulouse Métropole Baptist Church

“I am grateful to Johnson for his wise, sensitive and pragmatic vision of the local church destined to go global. Although written by a North American, this book is neither limited to one culture nor ethnocentric. The issues discussed apply to any healthy local church anywhere in the world. In other words, The mission is deeply biblical. That’s why those like me who minister in another culture will find all of these teachings achievable. I warmly recommend him, and pray that God will grant him a large readership, for his worldwide glory. »
–DOUG VAN METER, pastor-teacher, Brackenhurst Baptist Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

"I really like this book. I love the way it begins and ends with the glory of God in the gospel. I love the way he places the local church at the center of sending missionaries and mission work. I like it to be imbued with Bible principles while being filled with practical advice. It contains all the ingredients necessary for the renewal of the status of the world mission in your Church. The global mission is our responsibility and your responsibility. »
–TIM CHESTER, pastor, Grace Church, Boroughbridge, UK; member of the faculty of Crosslands; author of the books The Christian's Responsibility in the Face of Poverty, You can change , Praying is simple ; co-author of The Church in Daily Life

“In an increasingly post-Christian society, you may be disturbed by the concept of mission. How can we devote our time, energy, attention, finances, and staff to global mission when the needs are already so great and growing here at home? If you feel buried in local need, this little book may be just what you need to raise your head to the work and glory of God on an international scale, to open your eyes to the cause. world in which we minister and to expand your heart to be more like his. Perhaps what your busy and battered church needs is precisely a vision and a passion for what God is doing around the world and not just around the corner. Cultivating a heart devoted to the worldwide glory of God and sending our best members and resources to His cause will not diminish the ministry that is in place with us. It will make it powerful and real. »
–DAVID MATHIS, editor-in-chief,; pastor, Cities Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota; author of The grace of the daily

“As a seasoned pastor and missionary, Johnson provides sound, practical advice to help churches reshape their mission strategy to be more anchored in the Bible and in the faith. His emphasis on the role of the local Church, too often underestimated today in missionary circles, is particularly appreciable. I look forward to distributing this book to all of our church leaders and missionaries. »
–JOHN FOLMAR, Senior Pastor, United Christian Church, Dubai

"The Church has been given the mission of making disciples of all nations. Too often the local church is pulled in many directions without a clear guiding vision for its missionary efforts. As a pastor, I am grateful for Andy Johnson's book, because it guides Church leaders in their pursuit of mission, helping them develop a plan that is well-intentioned and unambiguous, proactive and non-reactionary. I highly recommend this book to all church leaders who wish to have a well thought out vision for sharing the gospel with the nations. »
–AFSHIN ZIAFAT, Senior Pastor, Providence Church, Frisco, Texas

Table of contents

Preface to the series
Introduction - The mission at the crossroads


Conclusion - Taking a step towards nations
Subject index
Index of biblical references


Original title : Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global
Author : Andy Johnson
Publisher : Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-925131-00-7
Publication : March 2021
Pages : 173
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Format : paperback
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