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<tc>Parenthood According to God's Promises (La parentalité selon les promesses de Dieu)</tc>

Joel R. Beeke
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Available: November 2021  

“… what he promises he can also accomplish. "(Romans 4:21)

Many parents these days are looking for the “secret” to a successful education. In Parenting God's Promises: Raising Your Children Under the Covenant of Grace , Joel R. Beeke reveals a hard-to-hear truth: There is no secret. When it comes to giving children what they need most - renewed hearts that trust Christ for the forgiveness of their sins - parents are powerless. When children come to the Lord, it is only by the grace of God.

Although it is true that parents are powerless in the salvation of their children, they can still have hope, for God has promised to provide for all the needs of those who belong to him and to bless them and theirs. family. By trusting these great promises, parents can bring up their children "in the discipline and under the warnings of the Lord," knowing that He will lead them to the faith.

This book is not just a manual for parenting education. He puts the responsibilities of parents in perspective by leading mothers and fathers not to rely on their abilities, but to trust more in the God who forms all children from the womb.

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Joel R. Beeke (PhD, Westminster Seminary) is President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He is pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books.


“In this book, every Christian parent will find solid, reliable, practical, and biblical support for raising children in God's way. D r Beeke emphasizes the centrality of God's grace and sovereignty, as well as the importance of parental responsibility. Parents looking for a good perspective as well as practical help to make it easier to apply will find this book to be an excellent guide.
- Wayne A. Mack, President, Strengthening Ministries International; co-author of the book A fight to the death

“To our shame, far too many Christians are raising their children without giving much thought to what makes Christian parenting unique. Age-old ways of thinking and habits have heavily infected Christian homes, and an antidote is needed. Fortunately, here is Parenthood According to God's Promises by Joel Beeke. It is a decidedly useful and healthy book for Christian parents; it is deeply biblical, theological and practical. Parents, expectant parents, and churches will see God's Promises Parenthood as a tool to keep close at hand.
- R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky; author of the book The conviction to lead

"In the age of pragmatism, this book by Joel Beeke is a glass of pure, fresh theological water. Raising your children is about more than surviving until they leave home. Beeke reminds us that Christian parents must see their role in the larger context of Christ's redemptive work. Let us have as a goal to raise children who, by the grace of God, will come to know and follow the Lord, who has redeemed us and called us to him. Faced with this real challenge, parents need all the help available. For those desperate to read a clear, thoughtful, Biblical, theological, and Reformed treatise on the subject, Parenting God's Promises is proving beneficial reading. "
- Voddie Baucham Jr., Dean of the African Christian Seminary University in Lusaka, Zambia

“The defection of young people from the Church is of great concern in our time. Often, the solutions seem to exacerbate the problem. Joel Beeke's book, Parenthood According to God's Promises, brings a healthy, biblical message in the midst of chaos. The book combines a dynamic theology of the covenant with practical instruction infused with wisdom. In addition, it preserves a balance between the family and the Church in the education of our children. It is important that pastors, elders, parents, and grandparents read this book. »
- Joseph A. Pipa Jr., President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville, South Carolina

Table of contents

Introduction: Raising children with unshakeable hope

Part 1: Parenthood Based on Covenant
1 Encouragement of the Covenant
2 Children of the Covenant
3 Raising Children by Faith
4 The promise of the covenant
5 Bringing children to Christ

Part Two: Parenthood as Prophets, Priests, and Kings
6 Our Responsibility as Parents
7 Teaching Your Children as Prophets
8 What Should to teach our children?
9 Train our children to a pious life
10 To serve as priests of the home
10 Parenthood according to the promises of God
11 To be compassionate with our children
12 Establish a reign of love as kings
13 Preventive discipline
14 Corrective discipline

Part Three: Practical advice for the education of children
15 The contribution of our Puritan ancestors
16 Teaching children godliness
17 Teaching children to listen 18 Taming the language of children
19 Managing relations between brothers and sisters

Part Four: Practical Tips for Helping Adolescents
20 Helping Adolescents Discern God's Will
21 Helping Adolescents Resist Negative Peer Pressure
22 Helping adolescents manage their anger

Conclusion: Up to the Thousandth Generation
Appendix 1: Cotton Mather's Parental Resolutions
Appendix 2: Children in the Church
Study Questions Notes


Original title : Parenting by God's Promises
Author : Joel R. Beeke
Publisher : La Rochelle
Publication : November 2021
ISBN : 978-2-924895-39-9
Pages : 355
Dimensions : 6 "x 9"
Format : paperback


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